• Plans are now Anytime - no peak/offpeak
  • Optus still offering free modems and free connections
  • Alternatives widely available

Optus customers have been receiving letters in the last few days to inform that prices will rise from November 1st, by about $5 or $6 a month on most plans. Data limits will remain unchanged, but plans that include free calls will no longer include free calls to numbers beginning with 13 and 1300. These numbers will cost 35 cents untimed from when the changes take effect.

Optus has attributed the changes to a need to stay competitive, to which they’re most likely referring to Telstra’s Everyday Connector plans. The plans must be considered in light of the fact that Optus has been, and will continue to, offer free connections and free wireless modems on 24 month contracts, a practice which is becoming increasingly rare.

Can I change plans?

You can. Optus plans have undergone several changes recently. Even before these changes were announced, plans in the 120GB and 500GB range changed from peak and off peak splits to Anytime plans, meaning that your full data allowance can be used at any time of day. This effectively doubles the amount of data provided for the majority of customers, who use the internet exclusively during the day and early evening.

You can call Optus on 1300 137 897 to have them perform a plan change, or just to make an enquiry on which plans would best suit you.

Can I cancel my service?

Yes. Optus has offered all customers, including those on contract, an opportunity to break the terms of their contract without penalty. You must call Optus on 1300 137 897 before November 21st to cancel, or you must take steps to transfer your service to another provider before this date to avoid paying cancellation fees.

Where should I transfer to?

TPG (1300 106 571) offers unlimited data and unlimited landline calls (including STD and 13/1300 numbers) for $70 a month. TPG is direct-debit only, with a fee for transfer ranging from $100 - $120 depending on the length of contract. Free modems are not provided, though old Optus ADSL2+ modems are compatible with TPG. Read about how to configure an old Optus modem with another ISP.

Dodo (1300 136 793) offers free calls to landlines and mobiles on plans as low as $40/month, but excludes 13/1300 numbers.

iPrimus (1300 137 794) offers unlimited Naked Broadband to customers from $69/month, with no phone service at all. They also have bundles which include free calls for those who still need or want a voice service.

Amaysim (1300 302 942) is a SIM only mobile provider with an award winning Unlimited Call plan – all landline calls and calls to mobiles are free, with 4GB of mobile data included. Coupling this mobile plan with a naked broadband connection can help you save money over all.

Looking for alternatives? Call us on 1300 106 571 for more options!