TPG Offnet 8,000kbps plans

TPG Offnet 8,000kbps plans

TPG offers a range of ADSL plans alongside its popular ADSL2+ standalone and bundle deals. TPG does not use its own network and therefore these plans are 'offnet' and more expensive than TPG's ADSL2+ plans.

However, the Offnet plans are still very competitive and give customers in regional areas, or with infrastructure problems, another choice of broadband provider.

TPG Offnet plans are offered on three speeds: 512kbps, 8,000kbps and up to 20,000kbps.

All the plans are standalone, so customers will also need to pay line rental to a home phone provider such as Telstra. For a bundle deal, give iiNet and iPrimus a call.

Give us a call at Compare Broadband on 1300 106 571 if you want advice on the best TPG plan for your needs.

Do I need an 8,000kbps speed?

For browsing the internet, the slower speed of 1,500kbps will be fine and in this case customers should consider a provider like Spin, iPrimus or Exetel, who all offer 1,500kbps plans.

However, if you intend to stream TV shows over ABC's iView, or download movies from iTunes, a faster speed is recommended for optimum viewing.

8,000kbps plans

With a reasonably high speed but without a high cost, TPG's 8,000kbps plans are suitable for many people who do not have access to an ADSL2+ connection.

Light users should look at the 50GB plan, which has 10GB available in the peak time and 40GB available in the off peak times (peak times are 8am-2am and off peak is 2am-8am) for $49.99 a month.

The shaping speed on this plan is 128kbps.

The next two plans are for heavy downloaders. For $59.99, TPG offers 200GB (with 100GB available on peak and 100GB available off peak) and for $69.99, TPG offers unlimited downloads.

On these plans, the shaping speed is 256kbps, which is fast enough for viewing web pages if you have exceeded your data allowance.

Set-up costs

TPG offers a six-month contract on Offnet plans and charges $359.89 to set up the 50GB plan, $419.89 for the 200GB plan and $479.89 for the unlimited plan.

Bundle with a mobile

TPG's Talk and Text Medium plan costs $14.99 a month, with a $700 cap value plus 1GB of data. Alternatively, add a Talk and Text Heavy for $29.99, which includes $1000 of cap value and 2GB of data. You can add on a mobile phone plan when you are signing up, or once you are a customer.

Is the 8,000kbps TPG plan available in my area?

TPG's Offnet plans are available across Australia, except for Tasmania. If TPG cannot offer an ADSL2+ plan, you may be able to sign up to an Offnet plan instead. To find out which plans are available at your address, give us a call on 1300 106 571.