• NBN can help with Continuous Data Synchronisation
  • NBN can help businesses with efficient Big Data Dumps
  • NBN can provide Cloud Service Access

Going online and using online applications is no longer a luxury for businesses but rather, it’s a must. Having a reliable connection at the office or in the field is crucial for faster connectivity with your team members and data storage. This is where the NBN can help.

NBN broadband plans in Australia provide high-speed internet access to the public to ensure they have stable connectivity whether they are at home or at the office. 



NBN for Small Businesses

Here are several ways NBN can help small businesses can improve their operations.

Continuous Data Synchronisation

NBN plans for small businesses can help you stay connected online especially if you work with a significant amount of data everyday. Effectively, you will also have the opportunity to leverage online solutions to synchronise the data you are sharing within your organisation.

For instance, if you are manufacturing certain goods, you will tend to have a good idea of your available supplies and inventories instantly through the use of online software that you can run via the NBN. 

With continuous data synchronisation, the data supply and inventory data entered by your staff are presented to your planning team, allowing them to lay out how much goods you can generate from your raw materials and deliver to your clients. Efficaciously, the data that your system will back up is updated in real-time, allowing you to plan your production seamlessly.


Big Data Dumps

Another way that the NBN can help with small business backups is through big data dumps. When you are running a business, there will most likely be a great need for you to store data for a certain period or number of years.

As you scale and grow your business, the old servers that you have utilised to set up your databases may no longer be sufficient to fulfill the needs of your business. This is where you may need to transition or migrate your data into a bigger server. Moving your data from one server to another in bulk seamlessly is made possible through a fast speed tier in the NBN.


Cloud Service Access

Most businesses now leverage cloud servers to back up their data because in doing so, they no longer have to set up physical infrastructure or hardware. Accessing a cloud server is made possible through a fast and reliable internet connection via the NBN. In this case, regardless of where you are, as long as you have an internet connection and the necessary permissions to access the cloud service where your business data is stored, then you will be able to efficiently run your business processes. For this reason, cloud service access is another way that NBN helps small business backups.


Process Efficiency

In the past, backing up your business data can prove to be a challenge, particularly as your data grows significantly. Before, you needed to use physical hardware and setup to make copies of your data from your database. This can take quite a while and the capacity of the physical hardware you have may even be limited to storing only a chunk of the data you have in your database.

This is where NBN will again prove to be beneficial because you won’t have to rely on physical infrastructure with limited capacity to store your data. Rather, all you need is to access a cloud service platform to extract the information that you need from your database or back up your business data.


The Bottomline

NBN can help your small business in various ways such as in the backup of your data. Apart from continuous data synchronisation, you will also be able to perform big data dumps as well as access a cloud server for backup. As a result, you will be able to garner more efficient processes, providing you with a competitive edge in the field.

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