What can a faster broadband connection do for me?

When people start calling various internet providers to ask about broadband in their area, they are often surprised to discover they have access to much faster internet than previously believed.

The most common example is those people who are looking to increase their dial-up, ADSL256, or ADSL512 speed plan to an ADSL1500 speed, but find out they can get ADSL2+ from their local telephone exchange.

ADSL2+ is one form of super-fast broadband, with speeds of up to 24,000kbps. Other very quick types of broadband internet are coaxial cable, some Mobile Wireless modems, and fibre-optic broadband.

So, what is the big fuss about? What can an ADSL2+ broadband connection provide me that an ADSL512 speed plan cannot? A good analogy for this scenario is that of cars. Take a Model T Ford from the early twentieth century and place it next to a modern vehicle complete with traction control, ABS brakes, air bags and power steering. There is simply no comparison. It’s the same with broadband.

A faster broadband connection can open up an entire dimension to your life, which you are currently unaware of. Here is a list of various things you can do on the internet with a super-quick broadband connection.

Streaming internet TV and video

Faster internet means you can watch streaming video and TV online without having to wait for the video to load up. As soon as you push on a YouTube video clip or an ABC iView TV program the show will play. If you’ve had a slower broadband connection, you’ll know well the feeling of having to wait for a video to load up. It’s not fun. The other bonus of a super-fast broadband connection is several different people on separate computers can all watch TV shows simultaneously without slowing each other down. Awesome.

Audio and video calls

It is true you can’t physically meet up with friends or family online, but you can connect and relate with people in numerous ways, some of which are quite rewarding. With programs like Skype or iChat you can make audio or video calls with people all around the world. You can visually see people who are geographically very far away, or whom you haven’t looked at face-to-face in a long time. And it’s all quite cheap. Forget the days of expensive international long-distance phone bills.

Downloading movies, TV shows and music

Just about every piece of music ever made or movie filmed can be downloaded from the internet. A fast connection means you don’t have to wait long to be able to listen to an album or watch a flick. Australia’s planned NBN fibre-optic broadband will travel at speeds of around 1GB per second, which will download an entire feature length film in 12 seconds. Wow!

Surfing the net at breakneck speed

Quick broadband allows you to surf the internet so fast, it’ll be like you’ve become a symbiotic creature connected into the human collective. Hit on a website and it opens instantly. Click on a link and you’re at a new website. Every action you do online is streamlined, seamless, and spontaneously reactive.

Great for businesses – big and small

In this day and age having a slow broadband connection in your office, at work, in your shop, or at your company can cause innumerable problems. You should never have to worry about people not being able to access information quickly enough. VoIP phone calls can be stable, clear and will rarely drop out.

Social networking websites

Social networking websites like Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn allow you to connect with family, friends and colleagues on a regular basis, not to mention providing a portal for people you’ve lost touch with to find you.

You can load up photos and videos for people to view, as well as having the ability to see into the lives of people you care about. These sites help you stay in touch with everyone you want, whilst ensuring you are always in the know about what everyone is doing.

You can also use instant messenger, forums and chat rooms to instantly relate to others who have similar interests based around topics you enjoy.

Blogs, Vlogs (video blogs) and Podcasts

These are a few more popular ways of relating with others. Blogs are written textual online journals, vlogs are home video journals, and podcasts are for sharing your ideas via audio. You’ll definitely need a faster broadband connection if you want to join growing video groups like YouTube.

Online shopping

There is nothing worse than bidding for an exhaust pipe for your 1950’s German motorcycle, or a half-price Prada handbag on eBay, and your bid doesn’t go through in time because of a slow internet connection. Fast broadband will give you instantaneous action on shopping sites like eBay, Amazon, or Getprice.

Access to better health and educational support systems

The upcoming NBN will help implement the means for face-to-face video calls for people living in rural areas who need to see a GP, but live too far away to drive. Educational institutions and their students can collaborate via web conferencing and various other social networking software alternatives. Knowledge and information is easily shared, in more depth, and is instantaneous.

Online video gaming

No matter what age you are there are numerous different kinds of video games to play on the internet. From simple multiplayer card games like Texas Hold em’ poker, to vast virtual worlds created by people from every continent, the internet has become an awesome medium for interactive entertainment.

If you don’t mind a small internet gamble now and then, fast broadband ensures your bet on the footy semi-final or the Melbourne Cup doesn’t get rejected for arriving after the game or race has started.

Super-fast broadband will add a whole new level to your life. What are you waiting for?