Best broadband plans under $50

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A dollar saved is a dollar earned, so give yourself a pay rise by slashing your broadband bill. We've crunched the numbers for you and found the best broadband plans for less than $50 a month.


Fast and stable, ADSL2+ connections are ideal for streaming video and radio, downloading movies or just surfing the web. The downside is you will need to pay for a home phone service, which bumps up the price. Fortunately, there are a few providers who can offer both a landline and an ADSL2+ internet connection, with enough data for most light users.

Bundling your home phone and internet plan together is the best way to get a bargain.

For $39.90 a month, Spintel is offering line rental, 20GB to use anytime and 50 free calls to local numbers. You will need to sign up for 12 or 24 months but on the 24-month contract Spintel will also send you a free Wi-Fi modem. It's a special offer, so call Spintel on 1300 106 571 to find out if it is still available.


TPG offers 20GB (split 10GB in peak and 10GB in off peak) plus line rental for $39.99 a month, on a six or 18 month contract. This is super-cheap for a light user plan, and is not a special offer. Call us on 1300 106 571 for more details.


Exetel, another budget Internet Service Provider (ISP), offers a similar plan to TPG: 20GB, split 10GB in the peak and 10GB in the off peak, plus line rental for $29.50 a month. This plan is available on a 12-month contract, with a low set-up fee of $69.

It's a good plan and just because TPG and Exetel are cheap, does not mean an inferior service. Both providers offer multiple email addresses, a static IP address and personal web space. Call us on 1300 106 571 for more details on Exetel plans.

Dodo offers 10GB plus line rental for $39.80 a month (split 5GB in the peak, 5GB in the off peak). There is no set-up fee on the 24-month plans, $99 set-up fee on the 0-month plan and $69 for the 12-month plan. Dodo has an even cheaper plan: $29.90 for 5GB (split 2.5GB peak, 2.5GB off peak) with line rental. These are great plans for anyone who needs access to the internet but doesn't need to go online very often. You can call Dodo on 1300 136 793.

Naked DSL

There aren't too many Naked DSL plans under $50, but MyNetFone offers 1GB for $29.95 or 20GB (split 10GB on peak and 10GB off peak) for $39.95 and a generous 200GB for $49.95. On the 12-month 200GB plan, MyNetFone will waive the set-up fee and throw in a free ADSL2+ Wi-Fi modem too. This is a special offer so you will need to check with MyNetFone to find out if it is still available by calling 1300 768 081.

Mobile broadband

Mobile broadband is cheap because there is no landline rental adding to the cost. It's not as stable or as fast as ADSL2+ but has the handy advantage of portability. No need to print out a Google map, just take your laptop out with you...

$19.95 a month will get you 2GB from Optus on a 0-month contract, while $29 a month buys 4GB with Virgin Mobile. This plan has the added benefit of shaping when you hit your limit. Most mobile broadband plans charge excess fees for overstepping the data quota, which can push your monthly bill beyond your budget.

Provided you don't mind signing up to a 12-month contract, Virgin Mobile has another good deal for under $50: 10GB for $39 a month, with a Wi-Fi modem included, so you can connect more than one device at once.

Staying within budget

Extra fees can tip you over the $50 mark, so here are a few tips on keeping costs down.

  • Beware providers who charge excess fees on plans rather than shaping (slowing) your connection speed when you go over your quota. Always ask what will happen if you accidentally exceed your data limit on a plan.
  • Cancelling your plan early or moving house (only applies to fixed-line broadband) usually incurs a fine. If you're not sure you are going to stay put, consider a month-to-month plan. The set-up fee will probably be higher, however.
  • ISPs usually prefer automatic payments through direct debit and other payment methods may attract a fee. If you don't like automated payments, ask if it costs extra to use another payment method.