• How much will it cost to cancel an internet service before the contract ends?
  • Early Termination Charge by providers
  • How to cancel other subscriptions and bundles?

Are you planning to cancel your current internet plan? Here's what you need to know. 

Internet service providers offer a range of contract lengths, which usually vary between 1-month, 6-month, 12-month, and 18-month and 24-month contracts. Broadband companies will often throw in a reward for signing up to a longer plan, which is usually either a lower setup fee, a discounted modem or sometimes they’ll throw in a standard modem for free. 

Some internet service providers or ISP provide a contract to their subscribers. The contract is a legal document that contains all of the important information about the internet plan. It gives clarity on what subscribers should expect and the terms they must meet to maintain service. 

If you're on a contract, you're obliged to use the internet service for a fixed period. The length of a contract depends on what the ISP is offering. But usually, they give either a 12 or 24-month contract.

Also, ISPs sometimes offer 'no lock in' contracts that work on a month-to-month basis.

If you want to exit early, check your contract to see your options. However, the most common method to end your contract is by paying a cancellation fee. This isn't the best way to switch to a new ISP or internet plan because it can be expensive sometimes. The cost of the cancellation fee is often based on the remaining days left on your contract. 

To give you an idea about it, here are the cancellation terms and fees of different internet service providers. The prices are current as of February 2021, but you should confirm any fees with your internet service provider before signing up to a new contract.


Expect an Early Termination Charge if you wish to cancel your Telstra plan before the contract's end date. This also includes device, handset and accessory repayments associated with the service you cancelled. Contact a Telstra support to know the exact cancellation fee or call 13 22 00 and say ‘disconnect’. 


If you are planning to cancel a 24-month contract with Optus, the maximum cancellation fee is $300, which decreases as the contract progresses.


You will be charged the full month's amount if you cancel a month to month plan before your first monthly bill on Belong. Whereas, for a 12-month plan, you will be charged a change of mind fee of $100 if you cancel the service before its activation. If you cancel after the activation but before the end of the term, you will be charged a maximum of $240 Early Termination Charge. This decreases by $20 every billing month.


TPG is known for offering cheap ADSL and NBN plans. However, they are also known for charging expensive cancellation fees. This internet service provider is still charging $350 if you want to end your contract earlier than its supposed end date. 

If you wish to end your contract within the Minimum Contract Period, you must pay an early termination charge. Such termination fees are set out at additional pricing. It's best to contact their customer service to know the exact amount you have to pay to end your contract. 


Dodo offers some of the cheapest internet plans on the market. Also, they are giving short contracts. You can even sign up for a 6-month contract. 

The cancelling fee for your Dodo subscription depends on your contract. For example, you're on a 12-month contract term. Dodo will charge $8 per month for the remaining months. So if you're about to end a contract with 11 months remaining, you will pay a fee of $88 ($8 x 11).


It's easier to cancel iiNet contracts compared to other ISPs. There are no cancellation fees on no lock-in contracts. For plans with a contract, you just need to pay the cancellation fee of $60.


You need to pay termination fees if you wish to cancel a MyRepublic service before the contract ends. For the actual amount, contact a MyRepublic support to have them finalise you account. 

Aussie Broadband

Fortunately, there is no extra charge if you are not on a fixed contract term with Aussie Broadband and you wish to cancel a service. However, if you are on a current contract, you will need to pay $149 for the modem and if you have a Fetch plan, you must ship the Fetch box back to the provider within 30 days. Else, a non return fee will be charged to you: $300 for Fetch Mighty or $135 for Fetch Mini.


The process for cancelling your iPrimus plan is almost similar to other ISPs. First, you have to inform them about your decision. You may call 1300 85 85 85. Also, expect that there will be an early termination fee if you do not finish out your full term.

Your cancellation fee may depend on the remaining months of your contract. 


Exetel offers 19 different internet plans. The price ranges from $69 to $109 per month. But whatever your plan is, they are charging a $100 cancellation fee if you want to stop using their service right away. The price is fixed, no matter how many days or months left on your contract. 


Netspace offers three different home phone plans; Lite, Everyday, and Call Bundle. 

If you want to cancel your Netspace plan, you will have to pay a cancellation fee of 50% of any remaining monthly fees, and a network termination fee of $65. 

Switching to a new provider?

If you cancel your current subscription to replace it with a better internet connection, be sure to check this page for ISP comparison or compare the best NBN plans here. Also, you can call Compare Broadband at 1300 106 571 for expert assistance.

We can hook you up with the best internet plans and deals right away.