• Does your ISP charge a fee if you change services?
  • Most fees surround modems and other hardware
  • Learn what your ISP charges

Cancelling NBN plans is not typically a top-of-mind consideration for most people. Unless you're relocating far away, the usual course of action is to switch providers without much deliberation.

Almost all Internet service providers will offer no lock-in contracts these days, so a cancellation fee is obsolete because there is no contract you have signed in the first place. However, some ISPs have caveats to using its service and that usually comes when you are using a supplied modem.

Due to the varying technology types used in the NBN network, there are situations where cancelling your NBN plan becomes necessary to avoid double billing.

For instance, customers connected via FTTP or Fixed Wireless will need to actively cancel their old NBN plan because a new plan will simply be added as a secondary service. On the other hand, with HFC, FTTN, FTTB, and FTTC connections, your new plan will replace the old service, and your previous provider should automatically cancel your old plan.

Let’s take a look at each ISP and see what you could end up paying should you change provider.


To cancel your Telstra NBN plan, you can use My Telstra on a web browser. Navigate to the "Manage Internet" section under Services, where you'll find the option to change or cancel your plan. 

It's important to note that you can't cancel your Internet plan through the My Telstra App; instead, you'll need to contact Telstra through the secure messaging link. 

Telstra cancellation fees are generally $0, but if you cancel your plan before the 24-month contract period is up, you'll be required to return your Telstra Smart Modem. Failure to return the modem will result in a non-return fee of $200.


To cancel your Optus NBN plan, you have a few options. You can use the My Optus app on iOS and Android to message support, message through your Optus My Account, or call the support helpline.

If you're cancelling before 36 months have passed, you'll need to pay a pro-rata fee for the modem, based on the number of months remaining. The total modem cost is $306. For example, if you leave after 12 months, you'll need to pay $204 as a lump sum to cover the remaining 24 months.


To cancel your service with Belong, you can access your Belong account using your registered email and password. Navigate to the "Manage Internet" section and scroll down to find the "Manage your service" option. Select "Cancel service" and follow the on-screen instructions to proceed. 

Once the cancellation is complete, you will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours. Note that disconnection requests are processed after 2pm on the requested disconnect date. If you submit a request on the last day of the month, contact Belong as soon as possible to avoid being charged for the upcoming month. 

Any remaining days on your plan will be lost upon disconnection, and no refunds will be issued for payments already made. While billing will stop on the requested disconnect date, the service may continue to function for up to 48 hours afterward.


To cancel your NBN plan with TPG, it's important to provide 30 days' notice. You'll be responsible for paying charges up to the end of this notice period. 

The recommended method for cancellation is to send an email to [email protected], including your customer number in the subject line, along with your name, address, and requested end date. Alternatively, you can call the helpline to initiate the cancellation process.

If you're on a six-month contract that includes a modem, be aware that you may incur an Early Termination Charge of up to $224.98, based on TPG's most expensive NBN plan.


When cancelling your Dodo service, you won't encounter any early cancellation fees. However, it's important to note that if you decide to cancel before the end of your first month, Dodo will not refund any prepaid fees.

This means that while you can cancel at any time without penalty, you won't receive a refund for any unused portion of your prepaid service.


To cancel your iiNet NBN plan, simply call their helpline between 8 am to 10 pm AEST, any day of the week. Since iiNet charges in advance, any credit remaining on your account will be refunded pro rata. 

If you chose to have iiNet's modem and decide to cancel before 24 months, you'll need to pay the remaining cost of the modem at $8 per month pro rata. The total modem cost is $192, so if you leave halfway through, you'll need to pay $96 in a single instalment to cover the remaining 12 months.


Tangerine's NBN plans are commitment-free, meaning you're not locked into a contract. If you need to cancel your Tangerine service, you have two options. 

You can either call their customer service line, or you can log in to the Tangerine Self Care portal and select "Cancel NBN Service."

Aussie Broadband

If you're looking to cancel your Aussie Broadband service, you'll need to give them a call any day of the week. 

Aussie Broadband doesn't accept cancellations via email; they require verbal confirmation. They offer pro-rata cancellation, meaning you'll only pay for the service you've used. 

If you have a Fetch set-top box from Aussie Broadband, you'll need to return it within 30 days of cancellation to avoid a non-return fee, which can be up to $300.


Exetel offers a range of different Internet plans. The price ranges from $69 to $109 per month. But whatever your plan is, they are charging a $100 cancellation fee if you want to stop using their service right away. The price is fixed, no matter how many days or months are left on your contract. 

Switching to a new provider?

If you're thinking about switching to a better Internet connection and want to cancel your current subscription, take a moment to explore our ISP comparison page or check out the best NBN plans here. 

You can also get expert assistance by calling Compare Broadband at 1300 106 571. We're here to help you find the best Internet plans and deals that suit your needs