The problem of using your ISP’s email service

Thinking of moving to a new broadband provider to get a better deal, or to get away from an ISP (Internet Service Provider) you are dissatisfied with? Do you feel locked-in to your internet service because your email account is with the current broadband provider, and you don’t want to lose your old emails or contacts? The ISPs have thought about this, and use the fact to their own advantage.

If you have to move house and discover your current broadband provider doesn’t offer a service at the new location, you’ll find yourself in a similar scenario. So, what’s the answer to this conundrum? You could get a free email address from a third-party email provider.

The best and most common email services are Hotmail, Gmail, or YahooMail. We at Compare Broadband prefer Gmail, as it has numerous features to make your email experience more enjoyable. The main advantage of using a third party for your email service, which is unrelated to your internet provider, is when you need to leave the ISP you won’t have to deal with moving all of your contacts and emails from one ISP over to another.

These three main email providers are massive companies, so there is little chance of your service ever not working, or the company going bust (thus losing your emails). The service is free, and it only takes around five minutes to set-up a new email account! All you have to do is visit their websites.

Another advantage is if you use an email program on your computer like Microsoft Outlook or Mac Mail. You’ll never need to worry about changing the outgoing or incoming mail servers, because you’ll always be using the same email address.

If you want freedom with your email and never want to deal with the potential challenge of moving or losing your contacts and old messages, set up a third party generic email account today. ISPs provide the internet, you should leave email to the email specialists. This will ensure it is never a problem to leave your current broadband service, or to move home to a new location.