Third of broadband customers could be wasting money

  • Third of broadband and home phone customers refuse to bundle
  • Bundling both services together can save $10-30 a month
  • Great savings available through bundling

Up to a third of broadband and home phone customers could be wasting their money by not bundling both services together, a poll has found.

Compare Broadband asked visitors, “Do you bundle your broadband and home phone service together, or do you have different providers?” Of the 410 respondents, 67% (275 votes) of people said they bundled their landline and telephone connection, while a hefty 33% (135 votes) still used separate providers to deliver their services.

Bundling both services together can save between $10 and $30 a month, depending on which plan and provider the customer has, which adds up to a saving of between $120 and $360 a year.

Compare Broadband spokesperson, Jesse Somer, said: "These days, people want to save money wherever they can, and bundling is a simple solution. You’ll save at least $10 to $30 a month when you bundle your home phone and ADSL internet with the one provider, but you could save even more if you shop around and see what other broadband providers have on offer."

Australian customers are starting to see the advantage of bundle deals, and in the poll one quarter of people surveyed said they went even further and bundled their home phone, broadband and other services together with the single provider.

Recently TPG, Australia’s fourth largest ADSL broadband internet provider, announced a nine-fold increase in the amount of customers signing up to its ADSL2+ home phone bundles since June 2010.

Now seen as TPG’s “key driver of growth” for the company, the TPG bundles offer super-fast internet with large data limits, some even with unlimited quotas, but for a cheap total price. Bundle deals are also more convenient, with one bill for both services.

At the end of the 2010 financial year TPG only had 9,000 bundle customers, but at the end of April 2011 it now has 82,000. The majority of Australians are getting the idea bundled plans mean less money spent. However, the survey shows there are still plenty of customers out there who could be needlessly overspending on their home phone and broadband plans.