Tile: Never lose your keys again

  • Lower power bluetooth Tile to attach to your belongings
  • Never lose your keys again
  • Tile stolen? Cloud based community will help find your tile!


As the old saying goes: necessity is the mother of invention. In the modern age of technology we can now begin to find better solutions to life’s old riddles...such as how do I stop losing my keys!? Tile is that answer. As the name suggests, it’s a small white tile you can attach to your important belongings that transmits a low power bluetooth signal of it’s location. In the event that you lose your precious keys, wallet etc. you can find the item via the iOS app that locates your selected tile via bluetooth.

If your item gets stolen with your Tile attached to it, simply flag your Tile as such as the cloud based system works with other Tile users worldwide to alert you if they pick up your Tile’s location. It’s cheap, small and extremely practical. For more information watch the video below!




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