ADSL2 Broadband Plans

ADSL2+ broadband is the most widely used form of fast internet in major Australian cities. Like ADSL1 it runs over a copper landline telephone wire, but speeds are up to 24Mbps, whereas the maximum ADSL1 speed is 8Mbps. Ironically, although ADSL2+ broadband is much faster than ADSL1, it is cheaper to buy because of intense competition in the Australian ADSL2+ market.

Most people who have ADSL2+ broadband have a Wi-Fi enabled modem router, which creates a wireless network in the home or office. The speed of ADSL2+ is usually quick enough for a number of computers to be able to watch streaming TV or download music simultaneously. However, the further away you live from the local phone exchange, the slower your speed becomes.

If there are any infrastructure problems on your phone line, like a pair-gain system, sub exchange, RIM, deteriorated copper wiring, or you’re simply too far away from the exchange, you will not be able to get ADSL2+ broadband. In this instance you will need to settle for ADSL1.

The cheapest way to get ADSL2+ broadband is often to bundle the service with your landline telephone rental. These days ADSL2+ plans can come with a huge amount of data if you are someone who downloads a lot, plays online gaming, or regularly watches Internet TV. As the speed is so quick, you will be able to do a lot online in a short amount of time, which has fuelled demand for unlimited and terabyte plan options.