Engin VoIP Plans – how do they compare?

Engin offers a choice of five different VoIP phone plans to be used with any broadband internet service.

VoIP uses your internet data to make calls via a VoIP internet phone. Call rates are significantly cheaper than regular landline phones, there are no setup fees, and monthly fees are significantly cheaper than regular phone line rental. You will also have some calls included in your plan each month.

You will not need to have your computer or laptop switched on to make calls, and you can use your existing home phone number with one of Engin’s VoIP services by plugging in your Engin Voice Box into your existing phone line. You can make calls with super cheap call rates, and receive calls via a phone number that your friends and family already have.

The Voice Box is easy to set up and calls are made just as on a regular phone, so Engin’s VoIP service can be used by even the most tech-wary people out there. Calls can be made to landlines, other VoIP phones, or mobiles – nationally or internally, just like a regular home phone.

At Compare Broadband, we recommend a speed of at least 512/128kbps to be able to use VoIP efficiently. To use a VoIP telephone service, customers will either need to purchase an Engin Voicebox or use their existing voicebox.

Engin is also offering customers who sign up to a VoIP plan for 12 months a free Engin Voicebox 3102, worth $129. Otherwise, customers can opt to sign up to a plan with a month-to-month contract. All you need to do is plug in your regular home phone into the voicebox, otherwise you could opt to use a soft phone instead.

Don’t forget that if you don’t yet have a broadband service, you could bundle a broadband and VoIP service together with Engin, with one of their MyChoice or VoIP Ignition bundles.

All calls Engin-to-Engin are free on any VoIP plan.

Engin VoIP Phone Plans

Starter $9.95

Included calls: There are no included calls on the Starter plan apart from Engin-to-Engin calls.

Local and national: 10 cents each

Mobile: 27c/min

International: from 1.9c/min

National $14.95

Included calls: All local and national calls

Mobile: 22c/min

International: from 1.9c/min

Home + $19.95

Included calls: local, national and international calls to Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Spain and the UK.

Mobile: 22c/min

International: 20 cents untimed to China, Greece, Hong Kong, Israel, Italy, Malaysia, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, and Taiwan.

Mobile + $19.95

Included calls: first 200 calls or 400 minutes to Australian mobiles.

Local and national: 10 cents untimed

Mobile: 27c/min after included calls

International: from 1.9c/min

Max $29.95

Included calls: 600 minutes to local, national, mobile and over 100 international destinations, including China, India and the UK.

Local and national: 15 cents untimed after included calls

Mobile: 27c/min after included calls

International: from 1.9c/min after included calls