Majority of Australians unhappy with current broadband speed

The majority of Australians are unhappy with the speed of their current broadband connection, according to a recent poll from Compare Broadband.

When asked, “Are you happy with the speeds you are getting on your current broadband connection?” of the 364 poll respondents, a massive 68% were unhappy, while 20% said they were happy ‘sometimes, it (the broadband speed) fluctuates’. Only 12% were happy with the speed of their broadband connection.

This may be a positive sign the Federal Government should push forward in rolling out the proposed fibre optic NBN (National Broadband Network) as quickly as possible.

Jesse Somer, a spokesperson for Compare Broadband, said: “If someone is visiting a broadband comparison website you can infer they are looking for a better deal. But the changing world of the internet with internet TV, online gaming and the need for high-speed downloading of movies and music, could be pushing people towards wanting a faster speed.”

While ADSL2+ and Cable broadband technologies have improved broadband speeds for many Australians, fast broadband is still not available everywhere. Many activities on the internet such as streaming video content and online gaming require a faster connection than is available in some areas.

Mr Somer continued, “The NBN will run at speeds of up to either 100Mbps or even 1Gbps, so if implemented would ensure most Australians will have fast broadband. It will also enable a large family or small business to use numerous computers simultaneously from a single connection, with everyone downloading data or streaming video concurrently, without any lag time or having to wait for something to load up.”

In the meantime, consumers who are unhappy with their speed can check Compare Broadband's tips and tricks. Consumers can also shop around for their broadband provider to ensure they are getting the fastest internet connection possible.