TPG updates ADSL2+ plans amid the war of the terabyte

In the last few weeks we have seen broadband plan updates from a number of Internet Service Providers (ISPs). ISPs have been fighting to offer customers the biggest and best plans across ADSL, ADSL2+, and Naked DSL.

TPG has often led the way in terms of offering affordable plans with a heavy download quota. With other ISPs slowly catching up and offering plans as large as one terabyte, TPG has managed to squeeze a few more gigabytes into their standalone ADSL2+ plans.

Customers should note that TPG’s new ADSL2+ plans (apart from the ADSL2+ plan bundled with VoIP) include both uploads and downloads towards your monthly download quota. While many broadband users do not generally use a large amount of upload quota, users who upload a lot of images, use services such as Skype or do a lot of file sharing should factor this detail in.

If you exceed your cap with any of TPG’s plans there is no additional cost – your speed will be slowed down for the remainder of your billing cycle.

Peak and off peak times have also been updated too. Peak hours are from 8:30am till 2:30am, and off peak hours are from 2:30am till 8:30am. The options for contract length remain the same: 12-month contract period ($59.95 setup fee), or 18-month contract period (no setup fee). There are also a range of modems available from TPG for an additional cost.

TPG’s new ADSL2+ Plans

ADSL2+ 15GB $29.99 5GB+10GB (Shaped at 128kbps)
ADSL2+ 60GB $39.99 30GB+30GB (Shaped at 256kbps)
ADSL2+ 200GB $49.99 100GB+100GB (Shaped at 1mbps)
ADSL2+ 500GB $59.99 150GB+350GB (Shaped at 1mbps)
ADSL2+ Premium 250GB $69.99 250GB (Shaped at 4mbps)
ADSL2+ Unlimited $75.00 Unlimited plan
ADSL2+ 130GB with VoIP $49.99 70GB+60GB (shaped at 1mbps)

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