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More and more people now opt for a fast and consistent internet connection that they can rely on whenever they need it. The reliability of your internet connection usually depends on the technology utilised by the provider. Some leverage fibre connections while others aim to deliver an internet connection through wireless technology such as 5G.

In the past, a wireless connection was deemed unstable, particularly because the signal is sometimes affected by the topography of the region. But in this modern-day and age of 5G networks, this wireless technology can just be the best alternative to a broadband plan.

Perhaps this is what probed SpinTel to dive into the waters when Optus opened its doors to allow wholesale partners to resell its 5G home broadband service. 

SpinTel 5G Home Wireless Broadband Plan

  • What does it offer?

As one of the pioneer users of the SpinTel 5G home wireless broadband plan, expect that you will experience lightning-fast speeds that will allow you to download large files, movies, or games in a couple of minutes. Aside from unlimited data, you can also expect a lower network latency. This can be attributed to the fact that in addition to the immense bandwidth allowance in the 5G network, there are only a number of 5G home broadband users as of the moment. 

Rest assured that it will be able to scale as more and more subscribers opt for this plan in the future because of the increased network capacity of the 5G technology. The great part is that the 5G home wireless broadband plans that SpinTel offers all have no lock-in periods, allowing you to leave anytime you wish, should you find yourself no longer happy with their service.

  • Reasons why you’ll love SpinTel

Aside from the 5G capabilities that can definitely give you an ultimate web surfing experience, you will find that there are several other reasons to love SpinTel's 5G home wireless broadband plans more. For one, you are guaranteed of a dedicated customer care team that will provide you either with sales assistance or technical support.

In addition to this, their customer support representatives are available every day of the year. You also need not worry because they have over two decades of experience since they have been founded even before the smartphones have emerged in the market. And since the company is a hundred percent Australian-owned, you can expect that they employ local Australian staff to assist you.

Optus 5G Home Broadband in Review

SpinTel is one of the first wholesale partners of Optus diving in the water to resell their 5G home broadband service. Thereby, the plans that both providers offer can be comparable in terms of the speed.

However, taking a closer look at the two, Optus offers its 5G home wireless broadband plan at $70 per month, while SpinTel charges its subscribers $90 per month for the same service. That's a $20 difference but perhaps this is because, with SpinTel, you don't need to pay for the modem fees on a contract-free plan. Rather, you just need to turn the modem over after you leave. Nevertheless, you have to take note that you also need to return your modem after you leave even if you have a plan under Optus.

Practicality of 5G

The fastest internet speed in Australia is said to be 1Gbps. However, the 5G network technology can up this speed twenty times more, theoretically. Aside from this incredible fast speed, the 5G technology is also said to have a lower latency or reduced "ping" times, which results in an ultimate internet surfing experience, particularly for online gamers wherein every second in the game counts. The best part is, 5G isn't expected to be nearly as expensive as the 4G network, its immediate predecessor.

5G vs NBN

Perhaps it is a good idea to make a comparison between 5G and NBN for you to have a good insight into what 5G can offer. 

  • Cost. One of the greatest news when it comes to a transition from an NBN broadband plan to a 5G broadband plan is that it won't really cost you too much. In fact, a 5G home wireless broadband plan may even be cheaper.
  • Speed. There are no questions asked when it comes to the speed that a 5G broadband plan can offer. For sure, it will be faster than your current NBN connection. The maximum speed that current NBN plans now offer peaks at 100Mbps while for a 5G broadband plan, this speed is just the average as you can reach a maximum speed of up to 295Mbps.
  • Reliability. The reliability of an NBN connection depends on various factors such as the type of connection that is used, as well as the quality of your modem. On the other hand, the reliability of a 5G connection will probably depend on the strength of its signal. The reliability of both can also be affected by network congestion. Perhaps, the reliability of a 5G connection will be better assessed after the first wave of 5G devices has been widely used.
  • Availability. This is where NBN seems to have an upper-hand because it is widely available to most Australians. 5G coverage, on the other hand, is quite limited currently, although more and more providers are looking into making this network technology readily available for their subscribers in the near future.
  • Set-up. With an NBN connection set-up, you need to have technicians over to assist you and get you connected. Conversely, for a 5G broadband plan, you can breeze through the set-up as soon as you buy a wireless modem and plug it into your home power supply.


If you are already tired of an unreliable internet connection, then perhaps it is time for you to consider getting a 5G home wireless broadband plan from SpinTel. In this case, you no longer need to rely on the infrastructure, which can sometimes fail particularly during extreme weather conditions. Rather, you may just discover that having a 5G wireless internet plan poses several benefits which you will not reap from a typical NBN broadband plan.