What Is Compare Broadband All About?

The popularity of broadband internet connections in Australia has resulted in a large number of broadband providers with an even larger number of broadband plans now available on the market in Australia. The high number of different broadband plans can be confusing at first, and Compare Broadband works to present the broadband plans for Australian broadband providers side by side to help you find the right deal for you.

Compare Broadband is a free service for consumers that compares the major Australian broadband internet providers. By comparing the available plans, Compare Broadband is a simple way to ensure you subscribe to the best broadband deal for your needs.  Compare Broadband compares ADSL, ADSL2+, Naked DSL, cable and mobile broadband plans for a range of Australian broadband providers. 3, Exetel, TPG, Bigpond, Internode, Optus, Vodafone, Dodo, SPinTel and iPrimus broadband plans are compared side by side. You can also compare bundle deals which can include a home phone or mobile plan.

What's the best way to compare the plans?

When comparing broadband plans, customers should take into account set-up costs, modem costs contract length and monthly fees. Many customers may want to bundle their broadband plan with a home phone, which can save you a bundle each month. Customers getting a home phone line should check call charges and phone line rental costs. ADSL1 customers should also take into account the upload and download speeds.

Compare Broadband lets you search broadband plans by download limit and speed. You can refine your broadband search by specifying a broadband type, contract length, bundle type or the broadband internet provider you are looking for. Compare Broadband will then display all the relevant broadband plans from lowest price to let you decide which deal is right for you.

Once you find the right plan you can click on the plan to read more about the specific details on offer. If the plan is right for you can sign up online by clicking the sign up button or, if you prefer to talk to a customer consultant you can call the broadband provider on the number provided. If you need any assistance finding a plan, give us a call on 1300 106 571.

Signing up from Compare Broadband won’t cost you anything and the commission we receive for your sign up helps us to keep the Compare Broadband service free to Australian consumers.

If you still find the number of broadband plans available a little too confusing, you can also contact Compare Broadband by phone or by filling in an online enquiry. Our consultants can then advise you of the best deals available to you.

What doesn’t Compare Broadband compare modems?

Because everyone who uses Compare Broadband will have different modem needs, whether it be a 4-port modem, single port modem or Wi-Fi modem, Compare Broadband does not include modem costs in the first year mimimum cost. Modem costs can be found in the broadband provider details.

Home phone line rental costs are not compared at Compare Broadband and you will need to be aware of the additional cost of a home phone plan when signing up to an ADSL or ADSL2+ broadband plan. Both ADSL and ADSL2+ broadband plans will need an active home phone service to receive a broadband connection. Home phone costs vary between provider and many broadband providers can offer discounted broadband when bundling a home phone service.

What else does Compare Broadband do?

Compare Broadband also offers a free speed test where you can test your internet download and upload speed. You can compare your speed with other users across Australia.

Compare Broadband can help you decide what download limit you will need for your broadband plan. By clicking on the ‘I don’t know what I want’ button from the Compare Broadband home page and answering a few questions, Compare Broadband will estimate what your monthly download usage is.

If you need help understanding some of the broadband jargon, or if you need further information on a plan, device or ISP, there is a range of broadband-related articles written by experts in the field. You can also keep up with Australian broadband news, or read our responses to broadband-related questions our customers have sent in.

Taking advantage of the services offered by Compare Broadband can help you save money on your broadband costs and make sure you find the right broadband plan for your needs.