• What is Xbox All Access?
  • How Much is the Xbox All Access?
  • How Do I Avail an Xbox All Access Plan?

With the booming market of the entertainment industry, Telstra and Microsoft have prepared something that people would enjoy! Gaming has arguably evolved throughout the years. New gaming gadgets and technologies are rolled out improving the gaming experience we avail. However, some people can’t afford to buy these gadgets because most of them are expensive. You better not pout, though! Because with the partnership of Telstra and Microsoft, you can now avail of a plan on one of your favorite Xbox Series!

Most people are familiar with buying a cellular phone or tablet along with their mobile or broadband plan. However, purchasing a console with a plan is fresh on the market.

In this article, we will be talking about everything you need to know about Xbox All Access, what it is, and how you can avail. 


What is Xbox All Access?

The Xbox All Access is born out of the partnership of Telstra and Microsoft. It is pretty much alike with the phone plans that are bundled with mobile or NBN plans--just in this case, an Xbox console! This entertainment option gives the customer a choice to avail either an Xbox Series S or Xbox Series X which will be bundled to their internet fees. This is good for those who can’t afford to purchase a console in one payment since you can pay it off for over 24 monthly installments along with your eligible monthly home internet or mobile plan.  

If you will avail of this bundle, along with your choice of Xbox series you will also be eligible for the Xbox Ultimate Game Pass. You will have access to hundreds of titles you can play on your console or PC including multiplayer games. New releases are also playable including Ori and the Will of the Wisp and Halo Infinite. Access to EA play will also be granted through the ultimate game pass!

How Much is the Xbox All Access Plan?

The cost for an Xbox All Access package will depend on the Xbox series you have chosen plus your monthly home internet or mobile internet plan. The Xbox Series X costs higher than the Xbox Series S simply because it is the latest model. It should be taken note, especially for those who are new in purchasing bundles, that you will only be able to avail of the Xbox bundle if you have or are planning to have an NBN plan or broadband plan with Telstra. 

The Xbox Series S can be availed through a 24-month installment which costs $33/mth. Included in the bundle is a 512 GB Xbox Series S console, a wireless controller, cables, and a monthly subscription to Ultimate Game Pass. On the other hand, the Xbox Series X costs $46/month. All of the other inclusions are the same as the former plan and differ only from the console model. These monthly payments will then be added to your month-to-month home internet fees. After finishing the payments for 24 months, your monthly bill will diminish to $15.95/mth which covers your ultimate game pass. 

Within the first 24 months, you can cancel your subscription. However, you will need to pay for the remaining cost of the console you availed. Your ultimate game pass will also be ended although you may purchase a standalone subscription if you want. 

How Do I Avail an Xbox All Access Plan?

Telstra’s website simply puts the process as select your console, place your order, and get ready to play. To avail of these bundles, you must first be a Telstra customer by having either a mobile plan, NBN plan, or a broadband plan. If you are eligible, you just need to go to Telstra’s website and add your chosen Xbox console to your plan.  

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Should I Get an Xbox All Access Plan?

When you compare the price to what you can get, you can see that the Xbox bundles are pretty decent. The inclusions justify the price added to the fact that you can avail of it via installment which lessens the pain for your pockets. The answer to the question of whether you should get an Xbox plan totally depends on your needs and priorities. If you have all the means, you can just buy a console right off. However, if you have other priorities but also really want to enjoy an Xbox, then this is the right fit! Just always remember though to have a decent NBN connection lest the gaming experience will be interrupted! 

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