iiNet BoB All In One Modem

iiNet Wireless mode with VoIP. "BoB"

According to iiNet  BoB stands for Broadband in a box. The BoB modem is essentially a 4-port modem with wireless and VoIP capability allowing iiNet users to connect up to 4 computers via Ethernet cable and an additional 16 wireless devices via a wireless connection. iiNet’s BoB modem is also an all-in-one box for your internet and VoIP phone. The iiNet  BoB modem includes a wireless connection at up to twice the range of most wireless modems as well as 4 Ethernet ports for your computers, laptops and gaming consoles.

The BoB Modem also support a complex VoIP service of up to 3 phone lines, 5 telephone handsets and 2 iiNet VoIP accounts. Taking advantage of an iiNet  VoIP plan can save you money on your local, national, international and mobile phone calls. You can purchase the BoB modem with or without an iiNet VoIP plan.

The BoB also boasts a hassle-free setup as it’s all done automatically once you get online. The BoB doesn’t require a manual set and iiNet technical support can log in to your modem and set it up remotely. This means it is easy to get technical support for your modem once your ADSL, ADSL2+ or Naked DSL service is set up on your home phone line.

When you receive your BoB after signing up for an iiNet broadband internet plan you will need to plug it in to a power outlet. You will also need to ensure you have installed line filters on any other devices in your home that run on the home phone line. This includes telephones, fax machines and back to base alarms systems that can interfere with the ADSL service if not properly filtered with a line filter.

Once you have connected your computer to the BoB in one of the LAN port in the back of the modem and connected the modem to the home phone line the BoB should automatically download the settings it requires form the internet. You may need to keep your iiNet username and password that was provided when you signed up to your iiNet service handy.
Once you have connected your BoB modem to the telephone socket it will automatically detect and configure your modem with your iiNet settings. This process will take a few minutes and once complete you will be ready to browse the internet. If you lose your internet connect the quick setup installation CD  provided with your modem will help you reconfigure your settings and get back online.
Your BoB will also automatically download any new firmware or upgrades form the internet to ensure you are always using the latest software available and making the most of your high-speed iiNet broadband connection. If you have nay trouble setting up your new BoB modem it is recommended you run the installation CD and re-enter your iiNet username and Password. If you are still having trouble, check all the cables are connected properly and contact the iiNet technical support team.