iiNet, Internode take out best ISPs at Lifehacker 2010 Awards

At popular technology blog Lifehacker, a recent poll was taken to see which Internet Service Provider (ISP) Australian broadband users would vote as being the best. Lifehacker readers voted for Internode, while Lifehacker’s Editor’s Choice award went to iiNet.

Competition was stiff, but Lifehacker readers felt Internode was the best Australian ISP in 2010. Internode is often praised for its high levels of on-shore based customer service and technical support, which has resulted in a very loyal customer base.
However, in 2010 Internode also attacked innovative initiatives such as the introduction of terabyte plans, MiFi, NBN fibre optic offers, as well as increasing data quotas on both its ADSL and mobile wireless plans. Internode is also well regarded for having month-to-month contracts, and no off-peak times, which means customers can use their data quota anytime they like, 24 hours a day.

The Editor at Lifehacker on the other hand chose iiNet as the top ISP for 2010. iiNet had come second in the Reader’s choice vote. In 2010 iiNet released numerous new products and services, like the first full rollout of IPTV service FetchTV, and it led the market in being the first to offer terabyte data plans.

iiNet has overcome Optus to become the second largest ISP in Australia (behind Telstra BigPond), and it did this by taking over broadband providers Netspace and Westnet, plus a big piece of AAPT. iiNet has also offered fibre optic NBN connections in Tasmania.

In an act of social compassion, iiNet has made all phone calls to mental health support services free of charge for its customers. Plus, iiNet won its drawn-out internet piracy trial, which has helped all of the Australian ISPs.

Interestingly though, in the “Comments” section associated with the Lifehacker poll, a number of people expressed surprise that TPG didn’t come out on top. The general consensus was that the TPG Unlimited ADSL2+ plans were the most competitive in the market, and thus deserved recognition for setting the bar so high for the rest of Australia’s broadband providers.