Customers after a new ADSL2+ broadband service should take a look at iiNet’s ADSL2+ plans. They start at $29.95 per month (if bundled with an iiNet home phone), and last week iiNet added more data to each plan. If you choose to bundle any of the home broadband plans with an iiNet home phone, you will also receive a $10 discount on your monthly broadband cost plus a larger monthly download quota.

Your monthly cap

Both uploads and downloads count towards your monthly usage. Customers who exceed their monthly allowance will be shaped to a speed of 256kbps.


The ADSL2+ plans will run at a super fast speed, with the maximum speed depending on a number of factors, including how far away your property is from the local telephone exchange.

Peak and off peak

On the Home-1 and Home-2 plans, peak hours are from 8am-2am. On the Home-3 and Home-4 plans, peak hours are from 9am-1am. All other times are off peak.

Contract length and setup costs

Customers have a choice between a 24-month contract and a no fixed term contract. If you opt for a no fixed term contract, you will need to pay a once off setup fee of $79.95. If you sign up to a 24-month contract, there is also a setup fee of $79.95, however you will receive a discount on a new modem from iiNet.

The ADSL2+ plans (unbundled)

ADSL2+ Home-1

10GB+10GB $39.95

ADSL2+ Home-2

50GB+50GB $59.95

ADSL2+ Home-3

100GB+100GB $79.95

ADSL2+ Home-4

200GB+200GB $99.95

The bundled ADSL2+ plans
(bundled with an iiNet home phone for an extra $29.95 or $31.95 per month for line rental, depending on which home phone plan you sign up to)

ADSL2+ Home-1

10GB+10GB $29.95

ADSL2+ Home-2

100GB+100GB $49.95

ADSL2+ Home-3

200GB+200GB $69.95

ADSL2+ Home-4

500GB+500GB $99.95 (that’s 1 terabyte!)