Internode cuts cost of Naked broadband

Internode has cut $10 from the price of its Easy Naked plan and extended coverage of its service by more than 200 telephone exchanges.

The Easy Naked plan, which delivers a 70GB download quota over ADSL2+, now costs $59.95.

Naked broadband is delivered through landlines but without a dial tone, which means customers can receive an ADSL2+ service without paying for line rental.

Internode has also doubled the shaping speed on the plan to 128kbps for users who exceed their download limit and introduced an easy transfer service to move an existing naked ADSL customer onto the Internode network.

Internode product manager, Jim Kellett, said: "Easy Naked is our most popular Naked ADSL service and delivers great value for money.

"These revisions make it even better value, backed by Internode's award-winning customer support."

The company has extended its partnership with Optus Wholesale to offer more ports, expanding its coverage.

Internode claims it can now offer high-speed naked ADSL services in most metropolitan areas across Australia.

Competition between broadband providers in Australia is high. Netspace, iiNet, Exetel and Dodo all offer Naked DSL plans for around $50 a month, while several broadband providers, including TPG,  are offering cheap home phone and internet bundles at similar prices.