Internode offers cheap 30GB ADSL2+ plan

  • Available at 200+ exchanges
  • Internode tops customer service surveys
  • Naked Broadband plans available

Internode is offering its Easy Reach 30GB ADSL2+ Special plan for just $29.95 when bundled with a $29.95 NodeLine home phone service.

The new plan is $10 cheaper than its Easy Reach 5GB ADSL2+ plan, which costs $39.95 a month when bundled with a home phone line.

Internode's Easy Reach plans offer ADSL2+ speeds outside metropolitan areas, delivered through Telstra Wholesale ports, with national coverage across Australia.

Regional broadband customers usually have to pay more for their broadband plans, but Internode's Easy Reach 30GB plan is actually $5 cheaper than its metropolitan equivalent – the Easy XS 30GB plan costs $64.90, including the NodeLine home phone service.

As with all Internode plans, there are no off and on-peak periods, the data is available anytime.

Internode product manager, Jim Kellett, said: "This is great news for any customers still on first-generation broadband plans, using 256 kilobyte per second (k) or 512k services.

"Today's launch lets them pay the same price, just $29.95 a month for broadband when bundled with an Internode phone service - for which they get six times the quota and a much higher speed."

The Easy Reach 30 Special must be bundled with Internode's home phone service, NodeLine. Without bundling both services, the internet plan costs $59.95 per month.

To find out if the Easy Reach 30 Special is available at your exchange, give Compare Broadband a call on 1300 106 571.