Internode offers free online gaming

Australian ISP Internode has proven popular with the online gaming community by offering free access to specific internet computer game services. Users can play video games to their heart’s content with upload and download data not being included in their plan’s monthly quota.

By accessing Games On Net, Internode customers can now play online multiplayer games like World of Warcraft without incurring any usage on their plan’s data limit. The list of available online games is massive. This is great news for internet gamers (and their parents!) putting Internode ahead of other Internet Service Providers competing for the online gaming community’s niche market.

However, gaming is not the only form of ‘Unmetered Content’ Internode customers can access. ABC television shows can be watched for free on the ABC iView website, as well as customers having the ability to access several other services like streaming radio and CASPA on-demand TV shows and movies.

Various other ISPs have their own gaming services, but the general consensus is one has to pay for most internet data as per normal download usage. Netspace have Gamespace, while BigPond have GameArena, both of which are popular within Australia’s gaming community.

It will be interesting to see if and when other ISPs follow suit by offering free gaming. iPrimus now have their own unmetered content, including their iPGN gaming site, access to ABC iView, as well as some TiVo video and radio content. However, it looks like Internode’s Games On Net is currently the more developed and popular choice for Australia’s online gamers.