Amazon Kindle Fire release date announced

  • US release date for Amazon Kindle Fire
  • No Australian Kindle Fire release date as of yet
  • Kindle Fire one of the cheapest tablets on the market

Tablet-hungry fans will be thrilled to hear the new tablet device by Amazon now has a US release date, which is November 15, 2011. Aussies will have to wait a bit longer, with no set release date as yet. Overseas buyers can pre-purchase their new Kindle now from the Amazon website.

Amazon caused a wave of news across the tech world yesterday with the highly anticipated release of their new tablet device, the Kindle Fire. On top of this, Amazon has announced two new versions of the Kindles, one a Kindle Touch, the other a 3G version of the kindle. The Kindle Touch is a very reasonable $99, while the 3G version is $149.

The Kindle Fire is priced at an impressively low $199, making it one of the cheapest tablets on the market. It’s seven inches long, features a dual-core processor and gives users free cloud storage. Amazon has also released a custom browser, the Amazon Silk for faster browser access. Tablet fans will notice the lack of a microphone and camera for video calling, and users will be limited to Wi-Fi access as opposed to connecting through the 3G network. However at just $199, it’s still a bargain to access movies, magazines, music and books which can be downloaded straight from Amazon when you’re connected to the net. With an eight hour continuous battery life and Amazon’s famed customer service, their new Kindles (as well the old ones which have now been reduced), are practically a steal.