Bigpond’s Cable Ultimate Plans zip over to Melbourne

Customers in selected areas of Melbourne can now access Telstra Bigpond’s Cable Ultimate plans with superfast speeds of up to 100Mbps.

While the Cable Ultimate plans were previously only available to customers who had a Foxtel pay TV service, the Cable Ultimate plans now come to selected parts of Melbourne unbundled.

Customers with a full service fixed phone can pay $79.95 per month for 50GB, or $99.95 per month for 200GB. Customers who have their home phone service with another carrier will need to pay $89.95 per month for 50GB, or $109.95 per month for 200GB.

The Cable Ultimate Plans are available on a 12-month contract. If customers exceed their monthly allowance, their broadband speed will be slowed.

Telstra Consumer Executive Director, Ms Rebekah O’Flaherty, said “The average Melbourne household has entered a new age of online connectivity. Telstra research1 reveals more than half of all households now feature four or more types of internet enabled devices - from wireless laptops to smartphones, the T-Hub®, game consoles and internet TV PVRs such as the T-Box®.

“Telstra’s BigPond Ultimate Cable plans delivers fast speeds and increased bandwidth, allowing household members to share the same high speed broadband connection to surf the internet, play games online or download movies at the same time,” Ms O’Flaherty said.

According to Bigpond, Melbourne based customers on the Bigpond Ultimate Plans could:

•    Download an entire music album (111MB) in as little as two minutes;
•    Start watching a movie (1137MB) from BigPond Movies in as little as one minute or
•    Upload 100 photos (32MB) from your last holiday to Facebook® in as little as four minutes.

If you’d like to take advantage of superfast speeds, and don’t want to wait for the NBN to be rolled out (particularly with the delays), the Cable Ultimate Plans may be the best alternative for superfast broadband within Australia. For other fast internet plans, click here.

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