Dodo mobile broadband plans

Dodo mobile broadband plans

Mobile wireless broadband plans are getting cheaper as more Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) continue to offer wireless services. Many plans also include extras such as tablet devices, netbooks and Wi-Fi modems. It can be difficult to comprehend how prices compare when fancy extras are included, but at Compare Broadband we can help you look past the flashy trimmings and help you find a simple, inexpensive deal.

There are a number of reasons why a mobile broadband service may be suited to your needs:

•    You live too far away from the telephone exchange
•    You only need a really light broadband plan (about 3GB or less per month)
•    You’d like a backup or portable internet service (maybe you travel frequently within Australia?)
•    You don’t want a home phone and you don’t have Naked DSL available in your area
•    You’d like a prepaid broadband plan

Mobile wireless broadband isn’t suited to people who need more than 15GB of broadband each month, or to people who need superfast upload and download speeds. Speeds on a mobile broadband service will fluctuate depending on the internet traffic, coverage and your external environment.

Prepaid vs. post-paid

Most mobile wireless broadband providers offer the choice between a prepaid and post-paid service. A prepaid package means you pay more up front and more per GB that you use. However, do you have the flexibility to change how much you spend each month and you won’t be locked into any contracts. There are no unexpected charges because you pay upfront. Post-paid customers will usually get a free modem thrown in on a 12 or 24-month contract.

Mobile wireless broadband with Dodo

Dodo uses the Optus network to provide you with coverage. You can call Optus on 1300 768 194 to find out if they have coverage in the areas you would like to use your mobile broadband service.

There are Dodo prepaid packages available, otherwise you can opt for monthly or 24-month plans. Post-paid customers be aware, excess usage is charged at 10c per megabyte (capped at a maximum monthly cost of $99), so it’s important to keep track of your usage through your Dodo online account.

Dodo prepaid mobile wireless broadband

There are two types of prepaid wireless broadband offers available: Dodo will either charge you per GB, or you can purchase a certain number of hours to use your service. The plans are all split between peak (7am-12am) and off peak (12am-7am). The plans listed below have a minimum to maximum amount; this is because Dodo offers double amount of usage when it’s used during the off peak period. So the first plan which is listed below includes a maximum of 500MB. It would only be possible to get this maximum allowance if all of your data is used during the off peak period.

Dodo prepaid mobile wireless broadband: charge per MB

250MB-500MB $10 30-day expiry
1000MB-2000MB $20 60-day expiry
3000MB-6000MB $40 60-day expiry
6000MB-12,000MB $70 90-day expiry
10,000MB-20,000MB $99 180-day expiry
15,000MB-30,000MB $139 365-day expiry

Dodo prepaid mobile wireless broadband: charge per hour

10-20 hours $10 30-day expiry
25-50 hours $20 60-day expiry
60-120 hours $40 60-day expiry
125-250 hours $70 90-day expiry

Customers can purchase a starter pack which includes a modem and SIM card, plus 250-500MB of bonus credit. Customers who already have a modem (which can be used to access the Optus network) can get a SIM only starter pack.

Post-paid plans

Customers can choose between monthly plans or 24-month plans. If you sign-up for 24 months, Dodo will include either a U1000 Netbook or a Pendo Pad tablet device with no extra upfront fees. The package also includes a SIM card, USB modem and a Netcomm Wi-Fi router so you can connect multiple devices at once.

$9.90 250MB-500MB
$19.90 1000MB-2000MB
$29.90 2000MB-4000MB
$39.90 4000MB-8000MB
$49.90 5000MB-10,000MB
$79.90 10,000MB-20,000MB

The U1000 Netbook

•    WiFi 802.11b/g & LAN10/100M
•    2 USB 2.0 ports
•    Includes Windows 7 starter edition
•    LED Screen TFT

The Pendo Pad

•    7" WVGA touch screen
•    WiFi 802.11b/g & LAN10/100M
•    USB 2.0x1, USB 1.1x1
•    Android operating system

Other providers who use the Optus network to deliver a mobile broadband service include Optus (1300 768 194), Virgin mobile (1300 106 571) and iPrimus (1300 137 794).

To order a mobile broadband package with Dodo, you can call them on 1300 136 793.