Eftel Broadband Internet Service Provider Details

With offices in Perth and Melbourne, Eftel Ltd is one of Australia’s top 10 Internet Service Provider. They offer ADSL, ADSL2+, and Naked broadband, as well as a home phone service. Customers who bundle their Eftel home phone line with an Eftel broadband service will receive a $10-$20 discount on their monthly bill.

Customers who sign up with Eftel will get multiple email addresses as well as webspace.

There are no excess usage charges for ADSL and ADSL2+ plans, however Naked plans incur a $0.006 per MB excess fee. Both uploads and downloads count toward your monthly data limit (however only downloads count for Naked DSL).

Eligible customers can do a fast transfer over to Eftel for a quicker turnaround time and for a reduced set-up fee.

Time to activate:

Naked broadband takes approximately 10-20 working days to connect.

Peak times:
Peak hours: 8am-12am
Off peak hours: 12am-8am

Tech support:
8am-11pm Monday-Friday
9am-9pm Saturday and Sunday

Customer service:
8am-8pm Monday-Friday
9am-9pm Saturday and Sunday

Upgrade/Downgrade fee:
Whether you change to a lower or higher plan, there is a fee of $39, or $66 to move to a plan with a different speed.

Cost of initial set-up:
ADSL/ADSL2+: $129 on a 0-month contact, $0 on an 18-month contract.
Naked broadband: $149 on a 0-month contract, $79.95 on an 18-month contract.

Eligible customers who do a fast transfer from participating ISP’s will be eligible for a discounted set-up fee of $49.

Contract lengths:

0 months (however a $75 fee applies if you cancel within the first six months), 18 months, and new customers also have the option of prepaid fixed broadband.

1-port ADSL2+ modem: $89.95
4-port ADSL2+ modem: $119.95
4-port ADSL2+ modem/router: $169.95
4-port ADSL2+ modem/router with ATA VoIP Gateway: $169.95

A $15.95 postage and handling fee applies to all Eftel modem purchases.

Cancellation fees:

No contract: a $75 fee applies if you cancel within the first six months.
18 months: monthly access fee X the remaining number of months left on contract (at a maximum of $350).


Customers can pay by direct debit only. (A prepaid service also offers a credit card or BPay option).

No. of emails/webspace:
Naked broadband: 2 email addresses, 50MB of webspace
ADSL/ADSL2+: 5 email addresses, 50MB of webspace

Other frequently asked questions about Eftel’s broadband service:

What are the shaping speeds on ADSL plans?

ADSL1 and ADSL2+ customers will be shaped to 64Kbps once they have exceeded their data limit. Customers on an Eftel ADSL2+ #2 or #4 plans will be shaped to 256Kbps.

Can I relocate my home phone and/or broadband plan with Eftel?
Yes. When the no contract option is selected, relocation will incur a new Line Activation fee of $129.00.

Is there an Eftel VoIP service?
No, Eftel only offer traditional home phones which can be bundled with your broadband service.

Does Eftel's home phone line support a FAX service?
Yes. Customers who need to use a fax can pay an extra $4.95 per month to share their home phone line with a fax service.