iiNet customer wins 500,000MB of free download quota and FetchTV service

  • iiNet will be offering NBN plans
  • BoB modems available for rent or buy
  • iiNet now 2nd biggest with 500k customers

To celebrate the installation of iiNet’s 500,000th broadband port, the Internet Service Provider (ISP) has rewarded a Gosford based customer with 500,000MB of free download quota and a fetchTV service.

iiNet began constructing their broadband network back in 1994, along with partners Ericsson and Visionstream.

Greg Bader, iiNet’s Chief Technology Officer said the occasion marks the ISP’s position as a leading contender in the broadband market.

“For residents and businesses in Gosford, and around the country, the expansion of our network means a more competitive market and faster speeds. We don’t believe in waiting for the National Broadband Network to be built, people want faster broadband now.”

iiNet offers a range of ADSL, ADSL2+ and Naked broadband plans. They also offer home phone plans, FetchTV, as well as VoIP services and plans designed for the new National Broadband Network (NBN). They’re renowned for their BoB VoIP-enabled modem and premium customer service.

To find out more on what iiNet has to offer, call them on 1300 106 571.