Internet piracy set to rise with NBN

Last year, 4.7 million Aussies accessed content illegally, including video games, software, music, TV and movies. As a result, the piracy cost the content industries $900 million.

The research, commissioned by The Australian Content Industry Group and carried out by Sphere Analysis, found that this figure could rise to 6.5 million by 2016, ''taking into account the potential impact of the National Broadband Network.”

The study also found that there were 8000 fewer jobs in the content industries due to piracy. The analysis predicted that this figure could also rise considerably in five years time when the NBN is implemented.

The results of the study come just a couple of weeks after the Federal Court dismissed the Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft's (AFACT) piracy case against iiNet. AFACT, who represent 34 film companies, accused iiNet of failing to act on customers who breached copyright laws. While other ISP’s such as TPG forward on warnings to customers from AFACT who have allegedly pirated content, iiNet had not forwarded on any of these messages.