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5G speed

5G is rolling out continuously in Australia. Telstra has wider 5G coverage, but Optus is offering a faster connection. 

Widest 5G Coverage

According to the Systemics Benchmarking Report for December 2020, Telstra 5G signal was present in 78% of tests while Optus 5G was found for only 48% of the time. 

Vodafone 5G also showed presence on the test. However, it doesn't make a notable performance. Its coverage was seen in just 6% of the tests.

Telstra might seem on the lead in the 5G race because of its large network footprint, but coverage is just a single part of the equation. Speed is also part of the test, and this is where Optus beat Telstra. 

Fastest 5G Provider

Optus doesn't just have the fastest average download speed with 362Mbps, but it also gets the highest single test speed at a remarkable 1,431Mbps.

Telstra, on the other hand, recorded a 295Mbps average download speed. Its highest single download speed was 904Mbps.

Optus managing director for marketing and revenue, Matt Williams, commented on this achievement. He says, "you can't claim to have Australia's best 5G network if it's not the fastest." 

"At Optus, we already know we are working hard to build Australia's fastest 5G, and this week two 5G benchmark tests have clearly shown Optus is out in front," he added. 

During the test, Telstra managed to top Optus at upload speed. It recorded 41.2Mbps, while the Optus got an average of 40.2Mbps. However, this has no bearing since Optus still recorded the fastest single upload speed at 153Mbps. On the other hand, the highest upload speed Telstra was just 113Mbps.

But despite the achievements in the speed test, Matt Williams insists that the goal of Optus is not beating the competitor. Instead, the company wants to be transparent with its target consumers. They want to ensure that the subscribers will get what they are looking for. 

"For Optus, this isn't about stripping our competitor of their self-declared title – this is about being transparent with the Australian consumer, ensuring that they get access to all the facts."

The Best 5G Plans Available 

The 5G network is still in its early phase. But despite that, there are already reliable 5G plans available on the market. 

For those who are on a tight budget, Optus Choice Plan is one of the best choices. It only costs $39/month, and it has a 10 GB data allowance. 

Telstra also offers a cheap 5G deal, the Small Upfront SIM Plan. It costs $55/month, and it comes with a 40 GB data allowance. 

There are also 5G plans for people who consume a large amount of data. Optus offers the One Plan that comes with 500GB data. It costs $65/month. Telstra also offers plans for heavy users. The Extra Large Upfront SIM Plan costs $65/month, but it only gives 180GB data allowance.