• Telstra Discounts NBN 250 Broadband Plan
  • Faster Evening Speeds
  • NBN 250 at a Lower Price

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With the COVID-19 pandemic hitting the world, millions of people around the world have lost their jobs, making it extremely hard to pay for bills, which is why Telstra’s move to make their NBN broadband plan much cheaper is going to help thousands of Australians who are struggling to make ends meet.

Telstra Discounts NBN 250 Broadband Plan

This is not the first time Telstra made a cut in their NBN plans as the network provider has recently discounted its NBN 250 plan earlier this year.

In January, the network provider made its NBN 250 plan available for only AU$100 per month.

But this time around, Telstra made another discount on the same plan, making it much more cheaper at AU$90 for the first six months, down from AU$140, which means that customers can get the company’s ultrafast speed with unlimited data and get up to 230Mbps for six months for the price of the NBN 50 broadband plan.

One good thing about this discounted price is that it does not come with a contract, meaning those who aren’t exactly fond of Telstra’s offer could change to another network anytime they want.

However, there’s one caveat: if you are a new Telstra user and you don’t have a modem, you have to pay for that, which would bring the minimum price to AU$306 if you decide not to proceed with the company’s offer.

This could be a little off-putting for those who often change their network provider or are not sure if they want to proceed with Telstra.

Promising Faster Evening Speeds

Nevertheless, those who are already with Telstra could definitely benefit from the discounted price, especially as they can acquire a maximum of 230Mbps evening download speeds.

For those who are unaware, evening download speeds refer to the maximum speed that internet users can get every evening, which is usually the time when there is most traffic, so achieving speeds of 230Mbps is already a great deal.

When it comes to competitors, Telstra is on top of the pack with its discounted NBN 250 plan since the only company offering much lower NBN 250 plan is Mate, but their advertised evening speed is only 208Mbps. 

Although Mate’s plan is slower, it’s also a great deal if you’re looking for cheaper plans.

However, if you want something faster, Telstra also offers an NBN 1000 plan that promises 1000Mbps speed and is available for AU$180, but the company is also offering a discount for this specific broadband plan, so it’s now available for only AU$130 for the first six months.

Both Telstra plans are great for gamers who are looking for faster internet speeds for streaming their games and for smoother multiplayer experience.

But it’s also great for general work, especially since working at home has become the norm during the pandemic, and even experts say that working at home might be adopted even after the global health crisis we are facing ends and everything comes back to normal.