• Telstra NBN 250 plans
  • Discount isn't permanent
  • Telstra NBN 250 availability and requirement

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Aussie Broadband isn't the only internet service provider that's giving discounted fast NBN plans. Telstra is also offering a discount for its NBN plans. 

But out of all the Telstra promos, its $40 deduction for their premium NBN 250 stands out. Enjoy super-fast internet connection for only $100 a month!

Its price is almost the same as their NBN 100 plans (these plans are currently on discounts as well). 

The Telstra NBN 250 plans are one of the best internet deals these days. This plan gives a typical download speed of 215Mbps, a significant leap up from its NBN 100 plans that can only give 100Mbps.

But like other promos for NBN plans, the discounted price for Telstra NBN 250 is available for the first six months only. After the promo, its cost will go back to the standard pricing of $140 a month.

Although the discount isn't permanent, it's still a competitive offer. It saves you $240 in total.

Aside from the Telstra premium NBN 250, here are other plans in the same tier with discounts: 

  • Aussie Broadband nbn™ Home Superfast Unlimited
    • Unlimited Data
    • 248 Mbps typical evening speed
    • No Contract Term
    • $99/month
    • Min. cost $99
  • Telstra Superfast Speed + Unlimited Data
    • Unlimited Data 
    • 215 Mbps typical evening speed
    • No Contract Term
    • $100/month
    • Min. cost $100
  • Aussie Broadband nbn™ Home Ultrafast Unlimited
    • Unlimited Data
    • nbn™ Ultrafast
    • No Contract Term
    • $119/month
    • Min. cost $119
  • Telstra Ultrafast Speed + Unlimited Data
    • Unlimited Data 
    • 250 Mbps typical evening speed
    • No Contract Term
    • $140/month
    • Min. cost $140

Apart from the NBN 250, Telstra discounted some of their NBN plans on different tiers as well. 

If 250 Mbps isn't enough, NBN 1000 is the right choice for you.

The NBN 1000 can provide absurdly-fast download speeds. Deals in this tier don't always come with a cheap price. However, Telstra also put discounts on the plans in this tier. Their NBN 1000 plan is now down to just $140 a month. 

However, the low price for the NBN 1000 is only available for the first six months with Telstra. After that, you will begin to pay $180 a month.

The standard price of Telstra NBN 1000 is the most expensive plan in the market. That makes the discount a big bargain for those who are planning to get this internet plan. It saves them $240 in total. 

Telstra NBN 250 Availability

Telstra NBN 250 isn't available in all places. Both Telstra NBN 250 and NBN 1000 plans require a fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) connection. However, a limited number of hybrid fibre coaxial (HFC) locations are also eligible. So be sure to check your address on Telstra’s website to see if you can sign up.

Though both plans will return to their original price after six months, you won't be locked in for months. Plans for NBN 250 and 1000 are available with no contract term. However, keep note that you will have to pay out the cost of your modem, which is $216 if you decide to end the subscription early.