Telstra makes a move to patch Narre Warren ADSL black hole

  • Boost to street-side cabinets will provide broadband to 200 homes
  • More on the way for Berwick and Narre Warren South
  • Move might preclude more Telstra moves to pre-empt NBN

The Casey Weekly has reported that Telstra has installed new ADSL2+ architecture along Ernst Wanke road, boosting ADSL coverage in one of Australia's largest and fastest-growing munincipalities.

The area covers 400+ sq. km, encompassing Narre Warren, Berwick, much of Dandenong and parts of Cranbourne. Due to the distance between far flung exchanges, many residents have been sorely lacking in broadband choices up until now. Telstra has provided a solution by installing a "top hat", essentially upgrading a street-side cabinet with ADSL equipment.

Vicky Allen, Telstra area general manager for Melbourne's south east, said the company used to increase broadband capacity by building another cabinet next to the existing one.

"This could take months of planning and network construction...this means we are able to quickly and efficiently make ADSL2+ available to many Narre Warren households and businesses that previously did not have access to a fixed broadband service."

The move comes after months of petitioning from residents. Casey mayor Sam Aziz will continue pushing for more extensive upgrades, with focus shifting to NBNco, the builders of the National Broadband Network, to provide fibre-optic infrastructure to the area.

The move might be seen by many as an example of how Telstra will start to pre-empt the rollout of NBN services, by upgrading previous "black holes" and securing customers on the copper access network. The full rollout of NBN fibre-to-the-home for 93% of Australian premises is estimated to take 10 years to complete.