Telstra switches on 4G network

The fourth generation (4G) mobile wireless internet technology will be available to customers via the Telstra Next G network when the telco provider switches it on later this month.

The 4G network is expected to deliver speeds faster than what is available on current fixed line connections. The service will be available in capital cities and some regional areas, and Telstra will launch 4G across the rest of the country later this year. Users will be accessing the network via smartphones, mobile modems and wireless tablet devices. Advancements in technologies has meant customers are relying more on mobile wireless technologies which complement fixed line services like ADSL or the new fibre network.

Telstra has offered about 2000 USB 4G mobile broadband modems exclusively to businesses in a pilot from August 29, Telstra chief executive David Thodey said in a statement.

Telstra has announced the launch of their new 4G network as the national broadband network continues to be switched on in selected areas across the country.