• What is WiFi 6?
  • Devices that Support WiFi 6 Technology
  • Is It Time for a WiFi 6 Upgrade?

A 6-year old using a tablet with WiFi

The emergence of the digital world paved the way for people to access any information they need anytime they deem necessary, wherever they may be. In the past, it may take a couple of minutes for a web page to load, but in this modern day and age, you will have the information that you need in a couple of seconds or even less.

Thanks to enhancements in internet connection technologies such as the WiFi 6, you get to enjoy almost no wait time when it comes to web access. 

WiFi 6 in Brief

The technical term for WiFi 6 is 802.11ax and it is the newest standard for WiFi or wireless network transmissions. It succeeds the previous WiFi version, which is the 802.11ac but rest assured that it is still backward compatible with older devices leveraging the previous version.

WiFi 6 promises faster throughput speeds, which can be almost 40% faster than WiFi 5. Its routers also boast a better battery life, as well as less bandwidth congestion. 

Devices that Support WiFi 6 Technology

True enough, WiFi 6 is backward compatible with earlier devices that previously leveraged WiFi 5, its predecessor. Several routers supporting this technology have already been released and those who chose to upgrade faced no major challenges when it comes to their connection.

When it comes to mobile devices, it was Samsung’s Galaxy S10 and Apple’s iPhone 11 that first supported WiFi 6 technology. Nevertheless, since the certification program for WiFi 6 devices is already on the roll-out, for sure, the next generation laptops will support this wireless data transmission too. 

Is it time for a WiFi 6 upgrade?

Should you then upgrade to WiFi 6? Well, yes, particularly if your current router is already over three years old. However, there is really no rush to upgrade to WiFi 6, especially that at this point, routers supporting this technology still costs over a hundred dollars.

In case you already have a WiFi 6 router, you may not be able to maximise its full potential unless all the devices you use it with already support the same technology. Also, keep in mind that a WiFi 6 router won’t be able to fix a slow or lagging connection from your provider.

If that’s the case, look for the best WiFi plans available in your area and make the switch. 

The Bottom Line

If you want to have faster web access, then perhaps this is the best time for you to upgrade to a WiFi 6 router. Just keep in mind that your device should also be ready for it. Otherwise, you still won’t be able to maximise an increase in data transfer or an expansion of your bandwidth that a WiFi 6 router can offer.

Rest assured that there are various great routers for you to choose from. The key is in figuring out your specific needs and preferences to ensure that you land on the perfect one that suits your demands.