Mobile Broadband Internet In Australia

Mobile broadband is gaining popularity in Australia with consumers taking advantage of the latest broadband technology to stay online both at home and around the country. Mobile broadband takes advantage of the extensive mobile phone network in Australia to transmit a wireless broadband signal to enabled devices. Mobile broadband uses the same network as mobile internet services provided by many 3G mobile phone services.

Major Providers

The major Australian providers of mobile broadband are 3, Telstra Bigpond, Optus, Exetel, Dodo and Vodafone. Most mobile broadband plans will have set download limits that are significantly less than the download limits available on ADSL, ADSL2+, Naked DSL and Cable broadband plans. 

Most mobile broadband providers will only offer mobile broadband plans with 24 month contracts. This will often mean you will get a free mobile broadband modem, but you will need to consider the cost of your broadband service over the length of the contract. 


To use a mobile broadband service you will need a wireless modem. Wireless modems are generally USB sticks that can be plugged in to a laptop computer. There are also wireless network cards available to connect desktop computers to a wireless broadband plan.

You can purchase a mobile broadband modem form your broadband internet provider when you sign up for a plan. If you already have a mobile broadband modem you may also be able to use this when you change broadband providers. If you are new to mobile broadband it is generally recommended to purchase your modem from your provider.  Purchasing a mobile broadband modem from your current provider means they will offer technical support to help you get started. If you have purchased your modem elsewhere you may need to contact the modem manufacturer for technical support.

Extra costs

When signing up to a mobile broadband plan you will need to be aware to excess usage charges that will apply if you exceed your monthly download limit. Most providers will charge a fee per MB for exceeding your monthly download quota so it is important to select the right download limit for your needs. You can see how much data you will on Compare Broadband.

iPrimus mobile broadband plans are the only mobile broadband plans in Australia that do not have any excess usage charges for exceeding your monthly download quota. Instead, iPrimus will limit the speed of your broadband connection for the remainder of the billing period.

Mobile Broadband Coverage

Mobile broadband coverage depends on your location. If you receive a strong signal strength on your mobile phone, chances are you will receive good mobile broadband speeds. However, the further you are from a mobile phone tower, the slower your mobile broadband download speeds will be.

Generally, in major cities mobile broadband speeds will be fast and can reach speeds up to 3000kbps. The actual speeds you receive with your mobile broadband connection will depend on your location, local interference, network congestion and weather conditions. It is recommended that you check the network coverage in your area with your mobile broadband provider before signing up to a contract.