Post-paid mobile broadband plans with no excess usage fees

Opting for a post-paid mobile broadband plan can get you more data each month than if you were to stick with a prepaid service. Most providers also offer a free modem if you sign up for a 12 or 24 month contract, which means lower upfront costs.

While there are certainly benefits for customers who are willing to sign up to a post-paid plan (whether it’s on a long-term or no contract), some worry excess usage charges will mean paying more than what you initially signed up for.

Some mobile broadband providers understand excess usage charges are a concern for many customers, and have chosen to eliminate these often costly fees; instead, opting to shape (slow) download speeds instead.

Below is a list of mobile broadband carriers who offer a post-paid mobile broadband service without any excess data fees.


Optus is offering no excess usage charges on all of their post-paid mobile broadband plans. Customers will need to purchase additional data for the remainder of the month once they have exceeded their cap if they still wish to use the internet. However, customers will still have unlimited access to Facebook, Twitter, eBay, MySpace, LinkedIn and foursquare even once they have exceeded their monthly quota.

Call Optus on 1300 768 194


Virgin mobile broadband customers who exceed their monthly data allowance will see their speeds slowed to a maximum of 128kbps for the next 250MB. If you reach the extra 250MB, you won’t have access to the internet unless you purchase a data top up (max three per month).

Call Virgin on 1300 106 571


With Internode’s ‘NodeMobile Data,’ customers who exceed their monthly quota will simply need to purchase a ‘Data Block’ to use for the remainder of the month. Data blocks cost $19.95 per month for each extra 500MB (any unused data will not be rolled over to the following month).