Tablet Plan Bundle

  • FInding the right tablet plan for you
  • Internet access on the go
  • Convenience of a portable internet connection

Extend your reach!

Keeping updated on the go is always difficult in this day and age. Wi-Fi is not always readily available and sometimes cellular coverage is not the best.

The solution - a tablet plan bundle.

Bigger than a mobile phone, smaller than a computer, tablets are revolutionising the way we live our lives.

The ideal devices for work and play, they are lightweight and portable but still retain the functionality of a computer.

From business people wanting to get work done conveniently, to uni students who don’t want to lug a heavy laptop back and forth on campus, to families who want on-the-go entertainment for the little (or often not-so-little) ones – tablets are the way to go.

In order to maximise the functionality of these brilliant devices to cater for everyone’s needs, it’s necessary to have your mobile broadband plan extend to the tablets.

Unimpeded access to the Internet in this day and age is paramount on every device, especially for the convenience of a hand-help laptop that is going to have to handle higher traffic and workload than a mobile phone. 

The convenience level of a tablet should extend right up to the Internet connection used on it; otherwise it almost defeats the purpose of having one.

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