Vodafone cuts mobile broadband prices

Vodafone Hutchison Australia (VHA) has announced its new low-cost mobile broadband plans.

Vodafone post-paid plans (available on 12-month or month-by-month) now include more data. Vodafone has also lowered the cost of its prepaid starter kit, which will also be available from 3 stores. 

The modems

Vodafone is offering the choice between two USB modems to use with one of their mobile broadband plans. The Vodafone Pocket WiFi™ can connect up to five devices at once (including any smartphones), and the battery-powered device can be charged either with a USB or an AC adaptor.

The Vodafone Pocket WiFi™ is available for $119 on a prepaid starter pack or on a month-by-month post-paid plan. The other Vodafone USB Modem can be used to connect one device at a time, and is available in black or white. You can purchase this modem for $49 on a prepaid starter pack or for the same price with a month-by-month post-paid plan.

Vodafone prepaid mobile broadband

Vodafone has reduced its $79 starter pack down to $49. The $49 starter pack includes 1GB of data, a USB Modem and SIM, and you can enjoy the freedom of being on a prepaid service. The $99 starter pack includes 6GB of data as well as the USB device and SIM card.

12-month and month by month plans

Vodafone rewards post-paid customers with more data. If you sign up to a 12-month contract, you will also receive a free Vodafone USB modem. If you’d like to purchase the Vodafone Pocket WiFi™ instead, you can pay an extra $5 a month on the $29-$49 plans.

A $15 post-paid plan will give you 1.5GB of data to use each month. The $29 cap has a 4GB allowance, the $39 plan has an 8GB allowance and the $49 cap will give you a massive 10GB to use each month. This is one of the highest monthly data allowances available with a post-paid mobile broadband service in Australia.


Vodafone uses its own 3G network, which covers 94% of the Australian population. You will need to ensure you can receive sufficient Vodafone coverage in your area before signing up to one of the broadband plans. There are currently no theoretical maximum speeds listed for the two USB modem devices which Vodafone carry.

You can compare Vodafone mobile broadband plans to the Optus or Virgin mobile broadband plans.