iiNet announces NBN pricing from $49.95 a month

  • iiNet announces three new NBN plans from $49.95/month
  • Competitive prices prove cheaper than Internode's NBN plans
  • No set up fee, phone bundles available

iiNet has announced three competitively-priced plans for the National Broadband Network (NBN), starting from $49.95 a month for 40GB at a speed of 12/1Mbps.

The Internet Service Provider (ISP) is offering three plans at 12Mbps, with the option to upgrade to a faster speed for an added cost.

The biggest plan is 500GB on peak and 500GB off peak at 100/40Mbps for $99.95 a month.

Call iiNet on 1300 106 571 for more information and to find out if NBN plans are available in your area.

iiNet's plans are considerably cheaper than Internode's NBN plans, which start at $59.95 for 30GB anytime at 12/1Mbps.

Internode's most expensive NBN plan is its Platinum 1000, which costs $189.95 for a terabyte of data at 100/40Mbps.

While several ISPs have announced their intention to compete for customers on the NBN, only a handful have revealed their prices, including Internode, Exetel and now iiNet.

So far, Exetel remains the best budget choice, with a 20GB plan available for $34.50 a month on a 12Mbps line.

These NBN plans do appear to be more expensive than ADSL2+, where plans are available from as little as $10 a month. However, the cheapest ADSL2+ plans require a phone service, which adds another $30 a month to the cost of an internet connection.

NBN plans are more in line with Naked DSL pricing, which starts at around $49.95 a month.

In addition, cheap, fast ADSL2+ or Naked DSL plans are only available in areas where the telephone has been enabled for ADSL2+ technology. This leaves many Australians with the choice of ADSL or mobile broadband.

iiNet's CEO, Michael Malone, said: "iiNet is particularly excited that the roll-out of NBN is focused on regions traditionally burdened with slower speeds and higher prices. Without the need for a fixed phone line, the customers on our most popular ADSL1 plan can move to NBN speeds and enjoy ten times the quota for the same price they're paying now.

"With standard off-net access charges offered by NBN Co 40% less than currently available in regional areas, we can pass substantial savings on to our customers," Mr Malone concluded.

iiNet's ADSL plans start from $34.95 for 10GB and range up to $89.95 plus $29.95 monthly phone line for 400GB. The plans are split into peak and off-peak times. There is no set-up fee.

iiNet NBN plans

Speed                Data (GB)        Price

12/1Mbps            20+20            $49.95
12/1Mbps            100+100        $59.95
12/1Mbps             500+500        $79.95

25/5Mbps            20+20            $54.95
25/5Mbps            100+100        $64.95
25/5Mbps            500+500        $84.95

50/20Mbps            20+20            $64.95
50/20Mbps            100+100        $74.95   
50/20Mbps            500+500        $94.95

100/40Mbps            20+20            $69.95
100/40Mbps            100+100        $79.95
100/40Mbps            500+500        $99.95

iiNet is also offering Netphone2, a VoIP service, for an additional $9.95 a month on these plans. All local and national calls are included on this plan.

While Internode NBN plans are by comparison more expensive, Internode offers a free VoIP plan with $10 of call credit included.

iiNet NBN plans are available to NBN-connected customers from 1st October.