• The NBN is set to be fully completed by 2020.
  • Construction and activation progress remains on track.
  • NBN stands for "National Broadband Network".

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The NBN Co has recently confirmed that all construction and activation remains on track for their 2020 completion goals. 

The company's 2020 outcomes are estimated to include a rollout completion with 11.7 million premises Ready to Connect (RTC) and 8.1 million homes and businesses hooked up to active service with the NBN access network. Additionally, the NBN Co has projected more than $1 billion investment in total capacity upgrades on the fixed wireless network up to FY22, and $3.9 billion total revenue in FY20 with improved customer experience initiatives. 

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"NBN Co is undergoing a significant period as we work to complete the build, improve customer experience and position our business for the future" spoke NBN Co CEO Stephen Rue. "The Corporate Plan 2019-22 is our blueprint for how we will navigate the complexity and deliver on our goals to provide affordable access to all Australian by 2020."

Mister Rue also stated that the National Broadband Network was already making a significant impact on the Australian economy and is helping to drive the growth of new businesses, industry productivity, jobs, educational opportunities, as well as access to healthcare options - but that he was well aware of upcoming challenges. 

"There will inevitably be challenges in the remainder of the build - some known, some new. But our ability to deploy the network at speed and scale is evident, and we're well-positioned to continue enhancing customer experience and delivering access to the benefits of high-speed broadband to all Australians." 

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Improving customer service has been a primary goal of NBN Co, something they've aimed to do by optimising the HFC (hybrid fibre-coaxial) network and introducing wholesale pricing bundles discounts. 

NBN Co has also stated that they are already seeing improvements in meeting agreed installation times and agreed fault restoration time with RSPs (Retail Service Providers), and helping to improve end-user experience on the NBN broadband access network. According to NBN Co's website, their implementation of new wholesale pricing discounts in December of 2017 helped increase the number of end-users on high-speed plans to 45% in June of 2018, to 16% a year earlier.

"New wholesale pricing options have also helped reduce average network congestion from more than five hours per week per premises in June 2017 to less than 30 minutes" said NBN Co. "To help improve network capacity across regional and rural Austalia, the Corporate Plan 20199-22 also provides for more than $1 billion in investment on the fixed wireless network." 

The corporation also cited that more than 60% of Australian homes and businesses are now Ready to Connect to a service over the NBN access network, with 99% of the network footprint now either in design, construction, or complete. 

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