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This year alone, NBN Co has already connected almost a million premises to its network because of the increasing interest of subscribers to the said service. For this reason, the company is set to roll out and expand the implementation of its fibre connections to a hundred thousand more premises in the coming year.  


Areas Included

If a fibre connection is currently unavailable in your area, then there is a great chance that with the company’s expansion of this technology, you will already enjoy this service. The reason behind this is that the rollout is set to cover all states. Below is a list of the specific towns and suburbs that can expect the fibre to the premises technology to be available in their area in the coming year.

  • New South Wales: Belmont North, Charlestown, Toronto, Carramar, Castle Hill, Holsworthy, Liverpool, and Wetherill Park
  • Victoria: Lyndhurst and Narre Warren
  • Queensland: Acacia Ridge, Browns Plains, Eight Mile Plains, and Oxenford
  • South Australia: Osborne
  • Western Australia: Cannington and Double View

It may be unfortunate but there are still no current rollout plans for Tasmania and the Northern Territory.  

Types of Fixed Line Connections

In terms of internet connection speed and consistency, FTTP is considered to be the best NBN connection type. The reason behind this is that with this technology,  the fibre optic cable used to establish an internet connection runs directly to your premises. This may entail the need for you to have an NBN connection box, as well as a power supply located reasonably close to a power point inside your premises. Nevertheless, if this is already available in your area, make sure that you go for an NBN provider that leverages this connection technology. 

Many people consider FTTN as the best alternative to FTTP because you are connected to the nearest fibre node, which may even take the form of a street box. However, since this technology utilises existing copper cables rather than the state-of-the-art fibre optic cables, you may experience a slower upload and download speed from time to time. Rest assured that these existing copper cables will most likely be replaced in the future with more modern fibre optic cables.

If you are living in an apartment block, then perhaps the most suitable fixed-line connection that will work best for your situation is an FTTB technology. However, like with FTTN, this fixed-line connection makes use of existing technology in your building to connect to each home. In this case, you need to ensure that the modem given to you by your internet provider is VDSL2 compatible for it to be able to access the NBN network.

  • Fibre to the Curb, FTTC

Some people consider FTTC as the best compromise between the FTTP and FTTN connection technologies because with FTTC, the cable runs directly to your premises but it uses the existing copper network. This is done through a distribution unit that is often found in a ground pit. Like with the FTTP though, you need to have an NBN connection box, as well as a power supply unit installed inside your premises.

If you are currently subscribed to a pay-TV service, then get in touch with your provider to know whether they are offering an NBN connection as part of their service already through the HFC technology. While this is considered the oldest fixed-line connection technology, you are more likely to experience a reliable and stable internet connection with HFC compared to the other NBN connection types. 

Other NBN Connection Types

In case the fixed-line connection technology is not yet available in your area, you can still switch to the NBN network if fixed wireless or satellite technology is already present.

  • Fixed Wireless 

A fixed wireless connection technology will allow you to connect to the NBN network through a transmission tower and a connection box. However, your connection will be significantly affected by weather conditions such that you may notice slow or lagging internet speed when it is raining.

  • Satellite

Apart from a fixed wireless connection technology, satellites can also be used to connect you to the NBN network. However, this is only often employed in hard to reach areas.

Final Word

If your area is included in the rollout list, then it is time for you to start comparing various NBN plans because sooner or later, you will be bound to make the switch. When that time comes, you should be equipped with ample knowledge about the technology behind the NBN plans offered by different providers. This is geared toward ensuring that you get a fast and reliable internet connection rather than otherwise.

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