• The Federal government regulates and invests in the Australian broadband market through a number of projects.
  • In early March 2007 the Australian Government announced a $162.5 million Australian Broadband Guarantee.
  • Under the Guarantee remote Australians could receive subsidies when installing satellite broadband services - but this Guarantee no longer exists as of June 2011.

The Australian Broadband Guarantee (ABG) was an initiative by the Australian Government aimed at providing high-quality broadband services to residential and small business premises, especially those in remote areas where commercial metro services were not readily available. 

About the Australian Broadband Guarantee

Eligible premises could receive financial assistance through Incentive Payments to Registered Providers, enabling them to access reasonably priced broadband services. This initiative was intended to encourage Internet service providers (ISPs) to expand their coverage to underserved areas and premises.

The ABG program concluded on 30 June 2011, but existing ABG customers retained their rights, including the offer of service for three years without any increase in the monthly price.

Under the ABG, a metro-comparable broadband service was defined as one offering a minimum download speed of 512 kilobits per second, an upload speed of 128 kilobits per second, and a monthly data usage of three gigabytes, all at a total cost of $2500 GST inclusive over three years, including installation and connection fees.

Telstra's Next G broadband services across most of its network were considered metro-comparable, leading to the exclusion of new customers in these areas from the ABG program from 1 July 2010, except for those under special arrangements in existing wireless service areas.

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