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Satellite internet allows customers to access the internet in locations where cable or fibre internet are not available. This type of internet connection is usually available in rural and regional parts of Australia. 

Although it may not be as fast or as reliable compared to fixed-line connections, satellite broadband has further been developed over the years to ensure every Aussie has internet access wherever they are. It’s fast enough to support most online activities, including email, streaming, social media, and video conferencing.

NBN Sky Muster is the most popular satellite internet service in Australia. It provides a download speed of 50Mbps with users of its premium 'plus' service reporting average speeds of about 40Mbps. 

According to NBN's 2021 corporate plan, they are looking to further develop fixed wireless and satellite networks to improve rural and regional Australia connectivity. Since its launch, they are eying approximately 1.5% of Australians (around 100,000 homes and businesses) connecting to NBN via satellite.

Let’s take a look at the cheapest satellite internet plans available in the market today.

Westnet 1300 768 134

Westnet offers some of the cheapest satellite broadband plans, on a peak + off peak basis. The plans are on a 12-month contract, and if you exceed your cap there is a 5 cent per MB charge. The best part about Westnet’s plans is that you can get 50% off your monthly charge for the first six months.

512/256kbps 500MB+1GB $19.95 ($9.98 for the first six months)
512/256kbps 1GB+2GB $29.95 ($14.98 for the first six months)
512/256kbps 1GB+3GB $34.95 ($17.48 for the first six months)
512/256kbps 3GB + 6GB $49.95 ($24.98 for the first six months)
1mbps/512kbps 1GB+1GB $39.95 ($19.98 for the first six months)
1mbps/512kbps 1GB+3GB $44.95 ($22.48 for the first six months)
1mbps/512kbps 3GB+6GB $59.95 ($29.98 for the first six months)
1mbps/512kbps 5GB+10GB $99.95 ($49.98 for the first six months)

Peak time is 9am–11pm AEST/AEDST, off-peak time is 11pm-9am AEST/AEDST.

Optus 1300 137 897

Optus offers customers two-way broadband on a peak + off peak basis. Customers can enjoy the flexibility of no fixed-term contracts and no excess usage fees.

256/64kbps: 1GB+1GB $39.95
1024/256kbps: 1GB+1GB $54
1024/256kbps: 2GB+2GB $62
1024/256kbps: 3GB+3GB $69
1024/256kbps: 5GB+3GB $91

The data allowances above are split between peak (12pm-12am) + off peak (12am-12pm).

Telstra Bigpond 1300 106 571

Bigpond has three satellite broadband speeds on offer: 256kbps, 512kbps and 800kbps. If you exceed your cap, you will need to pay 15 cents per MB. The plans are on an 18-month contract, and there are no confusing peak or off peak times.

256/64kbps: 500MB $104.95
512/128kbps: 500MB $124.94
512/128kbps: 1GB $159.95
512/128kbps: 2GB $249.95
800/128kbps: 4GB $499.95