Bundling your home phone, broadband and mobile phone with TPG

You can save a lot of money on your monthly bills by bundling your home phone and broadband with TPG. However, you should also think about adding a mobile phone plan as part of the bundle, as the TPG mobile plans offer large credits for calls and text to any mobile in Australia, as well as plenty of data for mobile internet.

There is an ADSL2+ broadband plan suited for both the light user to the very heavy downloader. When bundled with TPG’s $30 phone line rental, plans start at just $9.99 per month. The broadband plans are:

$9.99 5GB + 5GB
$19.99 30GB + 70GB
$29.99 150GB + 350GB
$29.99 unlimited (no peak or off peak) – available in selected areas only.

Peak + off peak:  peak times are from 9am – 1am. Learn more about TPG mobile here.

While the $30 phone line rental doesn’t include any calls from the home phone, customers have the option to pay an extra $5 per month and receive unlimited calls to local landlines (normally 25 cents each). Mobile calls are $0.39/min plus $0.39 flagfall, and national calls are $0.25/min plus a $0.39 flagfall. Some of the international rates are surprisingly cheap, including $0.02/min (plus flagfall) to landlines in India, the US and the UK.

There are three mobile phone plans which you can bundle with your TPG home phone and broadband. TPG uses the Optus network to provide you with coverage, and while their plans don’t include a new mobile phone handset, they’re on a month-to-month contract. This gives you the flexibility to change your plan at any time (or cancel it with TPG altogether).

The three mobile phone plans are:

Talk and text medium: $14.99 (normally $18.99)

$330 credit + 1GB + $370 TPG to TPG

Talk and text heavy: $29.99 (normally $35.99)

$600 + 2GB + $400 TPG to TPG

49 cap saver: $14.99 (normally $19.99)

$300 + 1000 minutes TPG to TPG 8pm – midnight

While mobile phone plans can be added and removed from the bundle at any time, the home phone and broadband bundles are available either on a six-month or 18-month contract (with a $129.95 and $79.95 setup fee respectively). It takes at least 10 working days from when you sign up for your service to become active.

You will also need a modem if you don’t already have one. TPG charges $149.95 (including delivery) for their 4-port WiFi modem.

To find out more about TPG’s home phone, broadband and mobile phone bundle deals, give us a call on 1300 106 571.