Relocating a TPG ADSL broadband connection

It’s not uncommon for potential TPG customers to ask about what happens if they need to move house while their broadband contract is still active.

For example, let’s say you live in a rental property with a 12-month lease and you sign up to an TPG ADSL2+ Home Phone Bundle plan for 18 months in order to get the lesser set-up cost ($79.95 instead of $129.95). What happens if you have to move after 12 months?

If you’d like to keep the TPG ADSL broadband connection at your next house, and the infrastructure in that area is suitable (plus TPG ports in the exchange are available), all you have to do to relocate is pay a $79 fee if you are still under contract, or $59 if you are out of contract and running on a month-to-month basis.
If there is less than 6 months remaining on your contract, it will be considered a restart, and the contract will last for a minimum of another 6 months. If you have over 6 months remaining on the current contract then it will simply continue on its current time frame.

The issue of what type of TPG broadband is available at your new address as compared to the old is of some importance:

You can shift from an ADSL2+ standalone connection to another ADSL2+ standalone connection, to a TPG ADSL2+ Home Phone Bundle, to TPG Naked DSL, or to a TPG Broadband Off-Net plan (ADSL2+ or ADSL1) if TPG’s own network equipment isn’t available at the new location.

When you are already on a TPG Broadband Off-Net plan, you can change to another Broadband Off-Net plan, a TPG standalone ADSL2+ plan, to a TPG ADSL2+ Home Phone Bundle, or to TPG Naked DSL.

If you are on TPG Naked DSL you can relocate and connect to another Naked DSL plan, an ADSL2+ Home phone bundle, or a standalone ADSL or ADSL2+ plan.

When on a TPG Home phone bundle you can relocate to another home phone bundle, to TPG Naked DSL, or to standalone TPG ADSL/ADSL2+ plans.

Your new property has to have an active copper phone line on the Telstra Network (with Telstra or a reseller that uses its network) for installation of the service at the new location to occur.

TPG may not always be able to provide you with the service you would like at the relocated address, and in this instance it will provide you with viable alternative options.