TPG adds unlimited local calls for $5 on ADSL2+ bundles

TPG has added another option to its award-winning ADSL2+ home phone bundle plans by offering unlimited local phone calls for an extra $5 per month.

TPG has had the best ADSL2+ bundles in the Australian broadband marketplace for some time, including massive amounts of data for a low monthly cost.

However, one element of its bundle plans that pushed some customers towards other broadband providers was the fact there was no option for included phone calls.

Now TPG bundles offer an option to pay an extra $5 per month to receive unlimited local phone calls. As TPG local calls normally cost 25 cents per call, this means for the price of 20 calls, you could now make hundreds.

There are four different TPG home phone bundle plans where you can implement this option. The TPG ADSL2+ service needs to be available in your location, so give us a call on 1300 106 571 to check and see if it has been enabled at your local phone exchange.

The cheapest TPG bundle is for very light users. For $9.99 a month you can get an ADSL2+ super-quick speed with 10GB, split 5GB in peak and 5GB in off-peak. This is bundled with a $30 phone line rental, so if you want unlimited local phone calls your total cost will be $44.99. This is an incredibly cheap price for fast broadband plus landline rental and all local phone calls included.

The next TPG home phone bundle is probably its most popular option. For $19.99 you can get 100GB, split 30GB in peak and 70GB in off-peak. This is quite a large amount of data for a very cheap price. Combined with the $30 phone line rental and $5 for unlimited local phone calls you will pay $54.99.

Of course, if you do use the phone for national, international, or mobile calls, these will be added onto your monthly fee. TPG takes a $20 phone deposit for these calls, and when it is used up, it replenishes the deposit automatically by direct debiting your bank account or nominated credit card.

Phone calls to STD and mobile numbers are quite competitive, but these days most people seem to use their mobile phones for these types of calls. STD calls are charged at 25 cents per minute, capped at $2.00 for 20 minutes, with a 39-cent flagfall. Once you reach the 20-minute mark it reverts to the 25 cent per minute cost.

Calls to mobiles are charged at 39 cents per minute, capped at $2.48 up to 20 minutes, with the same 39-cent flagfall. Again, when you hit the 20-minute mark the cost reverts to the per-minute fee. International calls with TPG are remarkably cheap, with calls to the USA and UK costing from 2 cents per minute with the same 39-cent flagfall.

The final bundle option is for heavy users. For $29.99 you can get either 500GB (split 150GB in peak and 350GB in off-peak), or unlimited data (if available in your location). Bundled with a $30 phone line and $5 for all local calls, you are looking at $64.99 a month. This is an amazing option for the fastest broadband possible with no data limit and unlimited local calls. Currently, this plan is second to none.

These TPG Home Phone Bundles come on either 6-month or 18-month contract periods. The 18-month plan costs $79.95 to set-up, while the 6-month plan has a one-off fee of $129.95. As you are setting up a new phone line or changing your phone provider, the bundle process takes 10-20 working days to set-up. This is a standard length of time in the broadband industry, as almost all Australian broadband providers need to go through Telstra to access the infrastructure.