Vodafone Special Mobile Wireless Broadband Deals Sept. 2011

  • Limited time only: Vodafone mobile broadband deals
  • First six months half price if purchased online
  • Free standard USB modem if purchased before Oct. 5

It’s September 27, 2011 and Vodafone currently has three great Mobile Broadband deals that will only last for a short while. Until Sept. 30 (only three days left!) you can sign up online to the $29 Pocket Wi-Fi plan with 6GB and receive the first 6 months at half price on the 12-month contract.

Or, if you sign up to the $29 Starter USB 4GB modem plan before Oct. 5 (less than two weeks remaining) on a month-to-month contract, you’ll get the $49 USB modem for free.

Vodafone also has a special deal on its Prepaid $79 Pocket Wi-Fi plan where you get an extra 2GB (5GB instead of 3GB) if you sign up before Oct. 31.

Three great limited-time-only Vodafone Mobile Broadband deals:

Vodafone Pocket Wi-Fi 2 $29 6GB 12-month plan, first 6 months half price if purchased online. This offer expires on Sept. 30 so you better get in quick. This is already a lot of Mobile Broadband data for cheap, and for the first 6 months you’ll get 6GB for just $14.50 per month.

The Pocket Wi-Fi 2 modem creates a small wireless network wherever you are, so if need be you can wirelessly connect more than one internet-enabled device to the single connection. The Pocket Wi-Fi 2 modem comes free with the 12-month plan.

Note: This online offer of 6 months at half price is also available for the $39 per month 12GB plan, the $49 14GB plan, and the $59 18GB 12-month plan.

Vodafone Post-paid Starter USB modem $29 4GB month-to-month plan with free standard USB modem (normally $49) if purchased before Oct. 5. This plan offers flexibility on a rolling 1-month contract. However, you can only use this USB modem in metropolitan locations.

Note: This offer is also applicable for the $15 1.5GB plan, the $39 10GB plan, and the $49 12GB plan.

Vodafone Prepaid $79 5GB 30-day expiry including Pocket Wi-Fi 2 modem, includes an extra 2GB if purchased before Oct. 31. This prepaid plan normally comes with 3GB and the Pocket Wi-Fi 2 modem, but you’ll get an extra 2GB if you purchase this plan before the end of October 2011.

You better be quick if you want to pick up one of these three special Vodafone Mobile Wireless broadband deals. Call us at Compare Broadband on 1300 106 571 for more details, or to sign up before it’s too late!