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A select group of Internode's Extreme and Naked Extreme ADSL2+ customers will have access to the FetchTV IPTV service on a trial basis by the end of September.

FetchTV offers a variety of digital channels, including the full range of Free-to-Air digital channels, which are viewed over a broadband connection. Additionally, the select group of Internode customers will have access to: “20 leading subscription channels including six Video on Demand (VOD) channels; 30 included movies every month, access to new-release pay-per-view movies from major movie studios, five specialty subscription channels and great interactive applications and games.”

The subscription channels will include:

•    BBC World News
•    National Geographic
•    Discovery home and health
•    Discovery Science
•    E! Entertainment Television, and
•    MTV Music Television

Customers will have access to 30 movies available on demand at any time, from movie companies such as Roadshow Entertainment, Warner, Disney Media Distribution and MGM. Customers will also have access to a library full of pay-per-view new release and classic movies.

Customers can access FetchTV on their TV via an ADSL2+ connection. They will also need a FetchTV Set Top Box. The service will not use up download limits, so users can stream as much media content as they like. The Set Top Box will allow customers to:

•    record movies or TV shows on the one terabyte hard drive
•    watch one channel and record two other digital channels
•    have HD capability and 3D compatibility
•    the ability to pause, rewind and record the channels
•    access to some of the most popular social media applications, including Facebook and Twitter.

Internode customers will be charged $99 to set up the FetchTV service, and an additional $29.95 per month. A ‘Lite’ version of FetchTV should soon be available at a lower cost for customers who don’t want the full package.

Internode customers can register for FetchTV here.