• Why Is This Information Revealed?
  • Aussie Broadband's Action Regarding the Incident
  • The Person Behind the Incident

You can find lots of useful, informative, and surprising content on the Internet every day. You can see them on different websites or social media platforms. Though most of the content on the Internet can help or inspire people, others will make you wonder. That's because there's a lot of weird news or content on the Internet as well. 

Just like recently, Aussie Broadband managing director Phil Britt told the public that someone consumed 34TB in a single month. If you don't have an idea about what is spectacular here, this is the highest recorded usage on the NBN network. 

What happened there? How can someone download 34TB worth of data in just a single month? We will answer those questions in this article. 

Today, we will talk about the Aussie Broadband user who downloaded a staggering 34TB of data. 

Why Is This Information Revealed?  

Someone asked the question on the Reddit sub AMA or Ask Me Anything. That is the reason why The Aussie Broadband managing director reveals the information about the highest recorded usage on Reddit AMA. 

Phil Britt said that the highest record so far is 34TB, and they will probably send a message regarding their fair use policy.

Aside from revealing the highest recorded usage, Phill Bratt also answered other questions regarding the ISP's services. To give you an idea about it, here are the questions answered by Phil Bratt:

  • What is the Aussie Broardband’s stance on torrent usage? - No policy.
  • How often do you pass on piracy letters from movie studios and such? - We do.
  • What state has the highest level of downloads for consumers? - Queensland, and it is followed nearly by Victoria.
  • Are there any plans for you to open offices in QLD or stay in Vic/ NSW? - We are planning to put another call centre in Perth. However, the present travel restrictions are making it look like we'll have to stick in Victoria.
  • How often do you get offers to be purchased by larger companies like iinet and such, have you ever thought about taking one as it was too good? - We are not receiving any offer from bigger telco companies for the last few years. But there's been interest in the non-telco sector. We're very committed to our IPO path.

Aussie Broadband's Action Regarding the Incident

Aussie Broadband will likely contact the person because it violates some terms on their fair use policy. 

According to the fair use policy, subscribers should not use the services they avail in a way that would negatively affect Aussie Broadband's network or reputation. Also, the fair policy indicates that the subscribers are not allowed to use Aussie Broadband's services in a way that will breach their wholesale agreement with NBN. 

Though Aussie Broadband reveals the highest usage, they are refusing to discuss the issue in detail. They are not even giving information about the downloaded content. The reason for that is because they are currently working on the incident. 

Here is the official response of Aussie Broadband about the issue:

“We’re so sorry, but we’re unable to comment on this particular event because we are currently managing it.”

How Can a Subscriber Download 34T?

It is possible to download 34TB worth of data with NBN in just a month. NBN offers one of the fastest Internet plans in Australia. Currently, the maximum NBN speed can reach 500 – 1000 Mbps. This Internet connection speed allows anyone to download large files quickly. 

The Person Behind the Incident

Aussie Broadband wouldn't have to trace the culprit because after the news broke out, someone voluntarily admits that he is the person behind the incident. 

A Twitter user, Thesammykins, claims to be the person who downloaded 34TB in just a month. This user also posted in Phil Britt’s AMA on Reddit to apologize. Here's the original message: 

“Sorry about that 34TB Phil, but pretty sure it was actually 35,399.47GB.. give or take a few megabytes here or there based on my stats for last month.” 

The post also includes a link to Imgur to prove the said exploit. 

The post on Imgur indicates that the incident is intentional because it is titled "How to make an NBN provider scream in 2020." 

Additionally, reports said that @thesammykins downloads the 35TB data for just two days. The user also explains the reasons behind the incident: 

“Honestly, I average about 20TB/month give or take just hoarding websites and their data. So I decided to push the limit and ran a script that would pull a 5GB test file from Internode’s speed test mirror on loop for around 40 hours to reach what I’ve been told is the maximum on an “unlimited” plan at 35TB, so I managed to actually go just a tad over.”

So it is clear that the goal of the exploit is to test the limits of things and to see what he could do to get in trouble.

Final Thoughts

The Internet is indeed a weird place. You see tons of different types of content every day like this one. Downloading 34TB worth of data in just a month is unusual because ISPs are usually setting a limit for each user. They are doing this so their subscribers won't have to experience a slow Internet connection.  The person behind this occurrence is not actually downloading files. He only did this to know the limit of his Internet plan.

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